Bowling: Buchan strikes late for city all-events title

2009-02-08T00:00:00Z Bowling: Buchan strikes late for city all-events titleCourier sports staff Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
February 08, 2009 12:00 am  • 

WATERLOO - The city bowling tournament is never over until the top scratch bowlers in town have their say, and Shannon Buchan spoke loudly on the final day of competition Friday.

Sparked by a monster 802 series in the Greater Cedar Valley USBC Tournament doubles event, Buchan took over the all-events lead with a total of 2,270, and he also helped lift the Fran's Pro Shop Masters League team to a second straight open scratch title.

The Fran's team of Buchan, Rich Eighme, Jason Peterson, Dan Schuler and John Brinker shot 3,549 scratch on Thursday to take the team scratch title, while finishing second the Annihilators in the open handicapped standings.

Buchan and Peterson's 1,506 scratch earned them a third-place finish in the doubles competition.

Other big men's scores Friday included Morgan Tyler's 289 game in doubles and Blake Delagardelle's 285 in the team event.

Barb Einfelt shook up the women's standings with a big 714 scratch series (753 handicap) in singles, earning her second place in singles behind her Evansdale beighbor, Cherie Derbyshire. Einfelt took over fourth place in all-events.

The other top slots on the leader board remained unchanged. Final standings will be posted at area bowling centers this week.

Open Division

TEAM HANDICAP - 1. Annihilaters (Waterloo), 3,588; 2. Fran's Pro Shop - Masters (Waterloo) 3,549; 3. S&S Lawn Care (Waterloo), 3,527; 3. Red Carpet Auto Group (Waterloo), 3,524; 5. U.S. Grain (Waterloo), 3,514.

Low to cash: 3,358.

TEAM SCRATCH - 1. Fran's Pro Shop - Masters (Waterloo) 3,549; 2. Red Carpet Auto Group (Waterloo), 3,479; 3. Ceilly Insulation - Masters (Waterloo) 3,342; 4. Fusion Realtors (Waterloo) 3.322; 5. Ceilly Insulation - Viking (Waterloo) 3,249.

Low to cash: 3,342.

DOUBLES - 1. John Sadler-James Picken (Waterloo) 1,554; 2. Mike Degner-Kyle Fuller (Traer) 1,520; 3. Jason Peterson-Shannon Buchan (Waterloo) 1,506; 4. Ryan Freund-Kevin Mienders (Waterloo) 1,500; 5. Benjamin Schmitz-Ryan Begalske (Cedar Falls) 1,488.

Low to cash: 1,393.

SINGLES - 1. Joseph Green (Waterloo), 816; 2. Jack Brandt (Cedar Falls) 809; 3. Jennifer Engelkes (Waterloo), 776; 4. Nathan Schuhmacher (Waterloo) 775; 5. Brady Bruns (Cedar Falls) 773.

Low to cash: 711.

ALL EVENTS - 1. Shannon Buchan (Waterloo) 2,270; 2. Joseph Green (Waterloo) 2,220; 3. Eddie Carroll (Waterloo) 2,218; 4. Bruce Smith (Waterloo) 2,211; 5. Kyle Fuller (Traer), 2,207.

Low to cash: 2,139.

ALL EVENTS SCRATCH - 1. Shannon Buchan (Waterloo) 2,270; 2. Jim Howard (Denver) 2,170; 3. (tie) Emmett Tragord (Waterloo) 2,147, Edward Feese (Denver) 2,147; 5. Trent Pint (Waterloo) 2,134.

Low to cash: 2,105.

Women's Division

TEAM - 1. Carlos O'Kelly's (Waterloo) 3,531; 2. Ball Wackers (Waterloo) 3,488; 3. Nucara Home Medical (Waterloo) 3,466; 4. Fran's Brunswick (Evansdale) 3,465; 5. Cadillac Lanes (Waterloo) 3,438.

Low to cash: 3,438.

DOUBLES - 1. Nancy Frost-Valerie Herdahl (Cedar Falls) 1,449; 2. Jennifer Jacobs-Candy Retterath (Waterloo) 1,441; 3. Sylvia Gavigan-Kristinia Wilson (Evansdale) 1,438; 4. Andrea Gibbs-Amy Davis (Waterloo) 1,407; 5. Cheryl Miller-Judy Toepfer (Waterloo) 1,406.

Low to cash: 1,406.

SINGLES - 1. Cherie Derbyshire (Evansdale) 785; 2. Barbara Einfelt (Evansdale) 753; 3. Alice Thompson (Waterloo) 746; 4. Rachael Rusley (Waterloo) 740; 5. Tammie Garthoff (Waterloo) 737.

Low to cash: 713.

ALL EVENTS - 1. Candy Retterath (Waterloo) 1,996; 2. Tammie Garthoff (Waterloo) 2,172; 3. Anne Johnson (Waterloo) 2,159; 4. Barbara Einfelt (Evansdale) 2,154; 5. Kim Gerst (Waterloo) 2,132.

Low to cash: 2,159.

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