IOWA CITY — From day one of the 2017-18 high school swimming season, Dylan Moffatt has been on a mission to defend his state championship in the 500 freestyle.

Saturday at the University of Iowa’s Natatorium, the Independence High sophomore who swims for Cedar Falls did just that in state record style with a time of 4:27.77.

“It feels great,” Moffatt said. “It really hasn’t set in yet, because I had to go right back in the water for the next race. The adrenaline from winning the 500 carried me through the 200 relay.”

Although the Tigers settled for 10th in the relay, it gave Moffatt time to reflect on his current accomplishment.

“I take great pride in the work I do getting ready for this event,” Moffatt said. “I had a vision of winning and maybe pushing the record. I just stepped up, took a deep breath and let my body take over once I hit the water.”

Moffatt erased Cameron Kelley’s record of 4:29.96 set back in 2016 with Cedar Rapids Washington.

“I had no idea where anybody was when I touched the wall,” added Moffatt. “I just pushed myself hard at the end. When I finished I knew I won, then I looked at the time and it didn’t really hit me right away that a record was set.”

The Tigers improved three places in the team standings from a year ago to 12th place and nearly doubled their point total from 55 to 101.

“I am really proud of these guys,” Cedar Falls coach Jordan Wessels said. “Everyone dropped their times from qualifying and everyone just swam harder and got faster.

“I thought Benson Redfern did a great job today because he was on the bubble last week and came in here and scored points for us.”

Redfern had a top 10 finish in the 200 individual medley.

“We have a strong young group here and it was great to get down to a venue such as this,” Wessels said of the Natatorium. “It is such a great facility and we were very excited when we found out it was being moved here.”

Decorah’s Noah Faldet enjoyed the atmosphere, as well, wrapping up his career with a third-place finish in the breaststroke.

“I felt our race would be close today because there are a lot of great swimmers here,” Faldet said. “I mean I came in here expecting a great race and it was awesome.

“I am leaving a very young team that I am so super proud of. They are going to be good for quite a while.”


TEAM STANDINGS — 1. Ames 221.0, 2. West Des Moines Valley 220.0, 3.tie Bettendorf, Ankeny 166.5, 5. Waukee 153.0, 6. West Des Moines Dowling 127.5, 7. Iowa City High 126.0, 8. Pleasant Valley 122.0, 9. Johnston 119.0, 10. Cedar Rapids Washington 104.5 ... 12. Cedar Falls 101.0, 21. Decorah 20.

200 MEDLEY RELAY — 1. Ames (Ethan Johnson, Dalton Lillibridge, Misho Mahrous, Nick Matthews) 1:33.83, 2. Iowa City High (Forrest Frazier, Louis Stephan, Eric Thomas, Mickale Sadecky) 1:34.28, 3. West Des Moines Valley (Evan Porter, Erik Skoog, Gregg Lichinsky, Braedon Kirkpatrick) 1:34.49, 15. Decorah (Grimstad, Faldet, Morrow, Heine) 1:40.97

200 FREESTYLE — 1. Jackson Allman (LC) 1:39.11, 2. Andrew Fierke (FtD) 1:40.91, 3. Nick Chase (Dow) 1:41.06, 4. Dylan Moffatt (CF) 1:41.12, 13. Sam Reinart (CF) 1:44.68, 18. Eamonn McCullough (CF) 1:47.01.

200 INDIVIDUAL MEDLEY — 1. Caleb Aman (Bett) 1:50.49, 2. Cameron Linder (Wauk) 1:53.30, 3. Scott Lair (John) 1:54.06, 11. Benson Redfern (CF) 2:00.68, 14. Dawson Bremner (CF) 2:01.02.

50 FREESTYLE — 1. Jacob Keller (WDMV) 20.75, 2. Kevin Burke (PV) 21.11, 3. Max Martin (Ank) 21.40, 23. Tate Hookham (Wat) 22.50.

100 BUTTERFLY — 1. Forrest Frazier (ICH) 49.10, 2. Dalton Lillibridge (Ames) 50.49, 3. Peng (LM) 50.60, 11. Bremner (CF) 52.89, 18. Faldet (Dec) 53.99.

100 FREESTYLE — 1. Allmon (LC) 45.61, 2. Keller (WDV) 45.92, 3. Bunn (Bett) 46.60.

500 FREESTYLE — 1. Dylan Moffatt (CF) 4:27.77, 2. Trent Frandson (Ank) 4:32.42, 3. Fierke (FtD) 4:32.94.

200 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. Bettendorf (Bunn, Luke Nickles, Ottavianelli, Aman) 1:24.82, 2. WD Valley (Skoog, Kirkpatrick, Bach, Keller) 1:25.17, 3. Ankeny (Max Martin, Adam Vaske, Connor Neils, Frandson) 1:26.13, 10. Cedar Falls (Reinart, Bremner, McCullough, Moffatt) 1:28.03.

100 BACKSTROKE — 1. Chase (Dowling) 49.48, 2. Aman (Bett) 50.81, 3. Porter (WDV) 51.24, 9. Reinart (CF) 52.45, 22. Redfern (CF) 55.55.

100 BREASTSTROKE — 1. Frazier (ICH) 54.16, 2. Lillibridge (Ames) 56.78, 3. Noah Faldet (Dec)57.36.

400 FREESTYLE RELAY — 1. DM Valley (Lichinsky, Porter, Bach, Keller) 3:06.87, 2. Ames (Bentley, Szabo, Mahrous, Lillibridge) 3:10.98, 3. Ankeny (Frandson, Vaske, Westercamp, Martin) 3:11.15, 7. Cedar Falls (Reinart, Bremner, McCullough, Moffatt) 3:12.78.


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