CEDAR FALLS, Iowa --- The Cedar Falls girls’ swim team outdistanced the nine Iowa high schools that participated in Saturday’s the 34th Annual Marcussen Invitational at Holmes Junior High pool.

Unfortunately for the Tigers, the Wisconsin defending state champion Waukesha South Blackshirts once again made the trip and swam away with the top honors. Waukesha South’s team score of 544 was 100 points better than runner-up Cedar Falls.

“Those guys are good,” Tigers coach Dick Marcussen said referring to Waukesha. “It was really what we needed because we are so used to winning everything. We ran into some All-Americans today and we know now that we have a lot of little things we need to tighten up. I think the girls need to develop a little bit more of an attitude if we are going to win down the road.”

The Tigers showed a little attitude to the rest of the field after Catherine Sell finished second in the 200 IM. Sell’s finish put the Tigers into second place, ahead of Cedar Rapids Kennedy. The Tigers just could not gain any ground on the Blackshirts.

Aftin Phyfe had three second place finishes to keep the Tigers in the chase. She also finished fourth in the 100 freestyle.

Phyfe was a part of runner-up 200-medley and 400 freestyle relays and finished runner-up in the backstroke.

“Our goal coming in was to beat Waukesha, but they are really good and we just couldn’t do it,” Phyfe said. “I think I could have done better, but I was proud of the fact that I got my third-best time in the 100 free.”

Phyfe, who was the only senior in the water for the Tigers, saved her best for last as she anchored the home team to within seconds of a first place finish in the 400 freestyle relay.

Phyfe entered the water a full four seconds behind the Blackshirts, but used a quick burst to close the gap.

“I thought Catherine (Sell) did a great job keeping us in it,” Phyfe said. “She gave us a chance but we just could not pull it off.

“I am still pretty proud of the way we did today. We did some really good stuff and now we need to work on some things and get ready for the final stretch to state.”

The Tigers still have plenty of pool time before state, including a big test Tuesday night at Dubuque Senior.

“I tell you what, Senior did a heck of a job here and it will be a good test for us Tuesday,” Marcussen said. “It is still hard to judge us right now after today because we never took a first-place finish in any event.”

TEAM STANDINGS – 1. Waukesha South 544; 2. Cedar Falls 444; 3. Cedar Rapids Kennedy 256; 4. Dubuque Senior 232; 5. Mason City 186; 6. Council Bluffs Lewis Central 173; 7. Cedar Rapids Washington 147; 8. Dubuque Wahlert 146; 9. Dubuque Hempstead 103; 10. Decorah 78; 11. Cedar Rapids Jefferson 16.

1 METER DIVE - 1. Hannah Brummel (CF) 395.00; 2. Victoria Spaulding (CRK) 338.45; 3. Megan Broadbent (Hempstead) 325.55; 4. Carolyn Simon (CRK) 298.80; 5. Amy Parker (CRW) 294.90; 6. Amanda Ward (WS) 290.30.

200 MEDLEY RELAY - 1. Waukesha South (Lizzy Baertlein, Addison Skogman, Natalie Clausen, Molly Manchon) 1:51.16; 2. Cedar Falls (Aftin Phyfe, Catherine Sell, Meghan Hackett, Martee Grainger) 1:52.08; 3. CR Kennedy (Sam Jacobsen, Amanda Jacobsen, Michele Wasta, Jessica Schmeisser) 1:57.30; 4. Lewis Central (Kelsey Thoren, Lindsay Keltch, Harper Emsweiler, Lauren Leehey) 1:58.03; 5. Cedar Falls (Jade Jacobs, Natalie Shimp, Kailie Valentine, Madison Hall) 1:58.60; 6. Waukesha South (Haley McDonald, Kim Magsig, Alicia Beam, Callie Schaser) 1:59.96.

200 FREE - 1. Abby Jagdfeld (WS) 1:51.45; 2. Manchon (WS) 1:53.77; 3. Brittany Moffatt (CF) 1:55.56; 4. Sam Kraft (MC) 2:01.37; 5. Jacobsen (CRK) 2:01.64; 6. Charlie Langner (CF) 2:01.92.

200 IM - 1. Clausen (WS) 2:10.09; 2. Sell (CF) 2:13.18; 3. Autumn Roepsch (DS) 2:13.69; 4. Skogman (WS) 2:16.37; 5. Jackie Hughes (CRW) 2:16.62; 6. Hackett (CF) 2:21.12.

50 FREE - 1. Molly Lembezeder (DS) 24.32; 2. Kaersten Meitz (WS) 24.40; 3. Manchon (WS) 24.49; 4. Leehy (LC) 24.75; 5. Hannah Botkin (CRK) 25.49; 6. Grainger (CF) 25.57.

100 BUTTERFLY - 1. Baertine (WS) 1:00.51; 2. Crystal Florman (MC) 1:02.01; 3. Hackett (CF) 1:02.43; 4. Beam (WS) 1:04.32; 5. Emily Schroeder (DW) 1:04.70; 6. Jenna Willer (DS) 1:05.84.

100 FREE - 1. Jagdfeld (WS) 51.74; 2. Lembezeder (DS) 52.99; 3. Meitz (WS) 53.31; 4. Phyfe 53.71; 5. Leehy (LC) 54.11; 6. Schmeiser (CRK) 56.31.

500 FREE - 1. Clausen (WS) 5:04.16; 2. Moffatt (CF) 5:09.49; 3. Kraft (MC) 5:22.36; 4. Hughes (CRW) 5:22.91; 5. Langner (CF) 5:24.40; 6. Megan Andersen (WS) 5:28.71.

200 FREE RELAY - 1. Waukesha South (Jagdfeld, Meitz, Beam, Clausen) 1:39.28; 2. Senior (Lembezeder, Roepsch, Olivia Knowles, Alice Tsui) 1:41.91; 3. Cedar Falls (Grainger, Shimp, Hall, Moffatt) 1:42.66; 4. Mason City 1:43.70; 5. Waukesha South 1:45.47; 6. Kennedy 1:47.01.

100 BACK - 1. Baertlein (WS) 58.80; 2. Phyfe (CF) 1:00.38; 3. Beam (WS) 1:00.59; 4. McDonald (WS) 1:03.92; 5. Taylor Martinek (Dec) 1:04.43; 6. Thoren (LC) 1:04.70.

100 BREAST - 1. Roepsch (DS) 1:08.87; 2. Sell (CF) 1:10.46; 3. Skogman (WS) 1:11.02; 4. Shimp (CF) 1:11.76; 5. Knowles (DS) 1:12.61; 6. Magsig (WS) 1:12.77.

400 FREE RELAY - 1. Waukesha South (Jagdfeld, Farrell, Meitz, Andersen) 3:38.46; 2. Cedar Falls (Moffatt, Sell, Langner, Phyfe) 3:39.97; 3. Senior (Lembezeder, Willer, Tsui, Roepsch) 3:46.07; 4. Lewis Central (Emswiler, Paxton Hedrick, Thoren, Leehy) 3:49.64; 5. Wahlert 3:55.88; 6. Mason City 3:57.04.

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