CEDAR FALLS, Iowa - Don't strike the delete key yet, Troy Dannen said Wednesday afternoon.

Shortly after the Big Ten Conference's apparent intention to drop Football Championship Subdivision programs from future schedules became public, Northern Iowa's Director of Athletics took a wait-and-see approach to the Panthers' upcoming games with Iowa.

"I'm still operating under the assumption we will be playing those games," said Dannen.

He also said, "In part, I've got to reserve judgement until I see what's going on."

UNI is scheduled to play Iowa on Aug. 30, 2014. That's the opening game of that season.

There's another trip to Kinnick Stadium scheduled for 2018.

All well and good. Then Wisconsin Director of Athletics Barry Alvarez, during an appearance WIBA-AM in Madison, said the Big Ten members have agreed to stop scheduling FCS opponents.

Some media outlets reported that the change could come as early as 2014. The Chicago Tribune suggested it may not happen until "at least" 2016.

Dannen said he had talked to Gary Barta, Iowa's Director of the Athletics, about the Big Ten's position on FCS games.

"My belief is the thing still has some degree of flux," said Dannen, who added, "I haven't seen anything coming from the Big Ten."

So the UNI-Iowa series remains on - for now. Dannen, though, sounded a warning.

"If the Big Ten mandates it will not play any FCS games, that will have a devastating impact," said the UNI athletic director.

"I do not believe it will stop at the Big Ten at that point. The Big 12, to my knowledge, has not had any discussions about this, but if one of the power five (conferences) does this, as we've seen with most things, the dominoes tend to fall."


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