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Q: The headline in the Sept. 6 paper said “Trump ends DACA,” but in the article it says Trump gave the power over to Congress. Why is it saying Trump is ending DACA when that isn’t what is happening?

A: President Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, but delayed the order until Match to allow Congress to pass a replacement. He will begin phasing out DACA’s protections in March unless Congress acts. So he has ended the program. Congress can revive it.

Q: Equifax executives dumped their private stock before the large security breech at the company became public. Are they under any kind of insider trading charges for that?

A: Three of the company’s senior executives sold nearly $1.8 million in shares after the company learned internally it had exposed the private data. The transactions were not pre-scheduled trades and took place Aug. 2, three days after the company learned of the hack. Equifax issued a statement saying the three executives didn’t know about the hack when they sold their shares. The timing of the sales could attract scrutiny, legal experts say, though proving insider trading would be difficult. The Securities and Exchange Commission has so far declined to comment on whether it is investigating.

Q: They are building a lot on the corners Greenhill and Valley Drive and Cedar Heights. Dry Run Creek runs through there, which they are filling in. Will this cause flooding of the houses below?

A: Cedar Falls Community Development Director Stephanie Houk Sheetz replies: “The development is not filling in the creek or the flood plain. The contractor has done some work in the channel to shape it and remove obstructions such as downed trees as well as add improvements such as erosion stone and revetment. This work has been reviewed by the city and meets city ordinances. None of this work will obstruct flow or otherwise raise the level of flooding on the opposite side of the creek. Questions about the development can be directed to the Cedar Falls Planning and Community Services Division by calling 273-8000.”

Q: Was there a NASCAR race Sept. 3? I didn’t see anything in the paper.

A: There was. It was won by Denny Hamlin. We didn’t have a Sept. 4 paper, so not getting it in the Sept. 5 paper was an oversight on our part.

Q: On the Andy Griffith Show, there was a family called the Darlings. Was this an actual group that sang outside the show?

A: Members of a real bluegrass band called the Dillards provided the music and played the Darling boys. Charlene Darling was portrayed by actress Maggie Peterson, and the father, Briscoe Darling, was played by actor Denver Pyle.

Q: Is there a program that will cover only airfare both ways to Austin to help for several weeks in the flooded area?

A: Not that we are aware of. FEMA is urging those who want to help to go to the website of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster at That group says volunteers will be needed and is asking people to register.

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