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Q: Why does Iowa require the county to be printed at the bottom of all their license plates? Do all states require this?

A: According to a Des Moines Register report last year, we have them largely because we like them: “Every once in awhile, someone at the Iowa Department of Transportation suggests that the state should stop printing county names on license plates. But whenever it comes up, the response is both swift and alarmed. You’d think the DOT wanted to fricassee the state bird.” Iowa isn’t the only state to display county names on plates, but it’s in the minority. Evidently people here just like to see where other people are from, and law enforcement says it helps them identify when somebody is out of place.

Q: When does the Sunday paper get printed?

A: The presses start running about midnight Saturday.

Q: Are they going to quit having the craft show at the UNI-Dome?

A: There is no show scheduled this fall; the promoter said on the company Facebook page it was due to a scheduling problem.

Q: When will new seasons of “Fixer Upper,” “Property Brothers” and “Love It or List It” be on?

A: A new season of “Fixer Upper” should start in November, and “Property Brothers” — recently finished filming its latest season, according to HGTV, but no premiere date has been announced. “Love It or List It” will have new episodes this fall, the network says, although again no date has been released.

Q: A recent Courier article mentioned Judge James Gritzner. Is this the same fellow who worked at KWWL many years ago?

A: Yes — Gritzner was an investigative reporter with KWWL.

Q: Greta Van Susteren had her show on Fox News and then went to MSNBC. Why did MSNBC then drop her show? What is she doing now?

A: MSNBC dropped her show earlier this year because of low ratings. Van Susteren is focused now on writing an upcoming book and developing a mobile app, she recently said on Twitter.

Q: What kind of car did Elizabeth Taylor drive in the movie “Butterfield 8”?

A: It was a Sunbeam Alpine.

Q: How many U.S. presidents have had foreign-born wives?

A: Only two — President Trump and President John Quincy Adams.

Q: Why did you use half the Call the Courier column to print the lyrics to “Wagon Wheel”? Couldn’t they have found those lyrics elsewhere?

A: Probably. But we do try to answer as many reader questions as we can.

Q: Why did The Courier stop putting the ages with the marriage license?

A: It wasn’t our choice. The Black Hawk County Auditor’s Office now only allows us access to marriage licenses when they are returned after the wedding, and no ages are on those documents.

Q: Can you print background information on KWWL reporter Jessica Hartman?

A: Hartman grew up on a ranch in Colorado and earned a journalism degree from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Mo. She was Miss Missouri in 2014.

Questions are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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