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Q: This summer the Waverly Public Library held a summer reading program. They announced all the children’s winners. Who won in the adult category?

A: According to the library staff, Sigrid Brus won the Adult Summer Reading Program basket at the end of July.

Q: I read vinegar will reduce body fat. Is this regular vinegar and how do we take it?

A: The claims apple cidar vinegar will reduce fat are pretty sketchy, according to a recent CNN report. But it does seem to help control blood sugar spikes and prevent starches from being absorbed. Try adding more vinegar to your diet, say in vinegar-based salad dressings or in a meat marinade. You also can simply take a teaspoon of cider vinegar with warm water before a meal.

Q: Have they come up with a final count for attendance at the Irish Fest this year?

A: The festival set a record attendance of roughly 38,600 people.

Q: Why did Burger King stop selling chocolate chip cookies?

A: We’re not sure — a staff person at a local Burger King said it was a corporate decision; messages to the corporate headquarters were not returned.

Q: What are the skimmers that are being out on ATMs? Is there a way to spot them?

A: As our story stated in the Aug. 28 Courier, “Skimming machines are card readers that are placed over an ATM’s normal card reader. They copy information from cards inserted by unwary customers, and the thieves then return to collect the skimmers and cameras and use the information to create cloned credit cards for their own shopping sprees.” Depending on the type of skimmer, it may be easy or difficult to spot them.

Q: Are Tom Lind and Jim Lind related?

A: They are brothers.

Q: If traffic cameras go up, what is the technical, legal definition of running a red light?

A: Iowa code section 321.257 2(a) states: “A steady circular red light means vehicular traffic shall stop. Vehicular traffic shall remain standing until a signal to proceed is shown or vehicular traffic, unless prohibited by a sign, may cautiously enter the intersection to make a right turn from the right lane of traffic or a left turn from a one-way street to a one-way street from the left lane of traffic on a one-way street onto the leftmost lane of traffic on a one-way street. Turns made under this paragraph shall be made in a manner that does not interfere with other vehicular or pedestrian traffic lawfully using the intersection.”

Q: Did everyone’s property taxes go up in Gilbertville?

A: No. The property tax rate fell from $34.53 to $34.50 per $1,000 of taxable property value. A commercial property that saw no change in value would see a tax reduction, while a residential property owner seeing no change in value would see a tax increase. The percentage of a residential property available for taxing purposes increased this year due to state law, which results in the tax increase despite a rate reduction.

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