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Q. For the Cedar Falls School Board election there are candidates running for three vacancies, but how is it Joyce Coil is the only candidate running for Dr. Kenyon’s vacancy?

A. The seat held by Jim Kenyon is on the ballot because he chose to resign two years into his term. There are two years left before the term ends, so it is separate from the three other seats. Candidates elected to those seats will serve full four-year terms. Coil will serve the final two years in Kenyon’s seat and then it will be up for election again.

Q. Do you have the lyrics to “The Rose of Allendale”? Who sings this?

A. The song dates back to the 1830s and has been recorded many times. The words:

"Oh, the sky was clear, the morn was fair

No breath came over the sea

When Mary left her highland home

And wandered forth with me

All the flowers decked the mountainside

And fragrance filled the vale

By far the sweetest flower there

Was the rose of Allendale.

Where e'er I wandered to the east and to the west

And faith began to lower

Consoling still was she to me

In sorrow's lonely hour

Oh tempest wrecked my lonely boat

And they wrecked the quivering sails

One maiden fond withstood the storm

Was the rose of Allendale.

One maiden fond withstood the storm

Was the rose of Allendale

And when my feeble lips were parched

On Africa's burning sands

She whispered hopes of happiness

And tales of foreign lands

My life has been a wilderness

Unblessed by fortune's gain

Had fate not linked my love to her.

Sweet rose of Allendale,

Had fate not linked my love to her,

Sweet rose of Allendale."

Q. Are Cedar Falls police officers cross training to be firefighters also trained to be first responders/EMTs?

A. Cedar Falls Public Safety Director Jeff Olson responds: "Primary emergency medical response in Cedar Falls is the responsibility of Sartori Paramedic Ambulance Service. Public safety officers are trained to the first responder level or higher. All police officers carry AEDs (defibrillators) in their squad cars and are trained to use the AED and provide CPR along with their other medical training. Public safety officers do respond to more serious medical calls."

Q. What are Sam Champion and Josh Elliott doing now since they left "Good Morning America" a few years ago?

A. Champion had moved to the Weather Channel, but left there last December, and Elliott left a job at CBS in February.

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