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Q: How can Waterloo Schools give free lunch to some schools, when at other schools if a student is out of money they only get a cheese sandwich? Isn’t this discrimination? Also, how do they justify the food service manager’s salary and then raise the lunch prices at the few schools that pay for lunches?

A: Because only the 10 schools participating in the Community Eligibility Provision met United States Department of Agriculture guidelines for all of their students to receive free meals. This is not discriminatory since individual families throughout Waterloo Community Schools can receive free or reduced-priced meals if they meet income eligibility guidelines. District spokeswoman Tara Thomas noted that in the 10 schools where free meals are available to all students, 10 percent more breakfast meals and 16 percent more lunch meals are being served. Both programs reimburse the schools for the meals. However, noted Thomas, “the price we charge students for meals is less than the government reimbursement rate of $3.25 per lunch.” As a result, price increases are needed to help the program pay for itself.

Q: My subscription to The Courier has stopped, why do you keep delivering it?

A: Sometimes a carrier may miss the message on their bundle top when a customer stops the paper. Please call customer service at 291-1444 so a route manager can let the carrier know.

Q: How many guidance counselors are on staff at West High, East High and Expo?

A: Counselors in Iowa’s schools are called school counselors, said Waterloo Community Schools spokeswoman Tara Thomas. There are six counselors at West High School, one who serves English language learner students. East High School has four. Expo Alternative Learning Center has three.

Q: When is the construction on the 400 block of Cutler Street supposed to be done?

A: The construction is done.

Q: Can you print the completion dates of Franklin Street West, Westfield Street, Highway 63 corridor from Franklin to Washington, Fourth Street bridge project and the corner by Community Bank?

A: Franklin Street is expected to be done in the middle of November. The Westfield Avenue bridge work is slated to wrap up Oct. 20. U.S. Highway 63 is expected to be done in November 2018. The Fourth Street bridge canopy project is on track to be done Nov. 3, although it may be late November before the windows arrive to be installed. The work next to Community Bank is a private project without a public contract completion date.

Q: Does the railroad have plans of fixing the tracks at Donald Street and Broadway?

A: This crossing is planned to be reconstructed in 2018.

Q: When driving west on Highway 218 from Waterloo to Cedar Falls, is the Cedar Falls city limit sign in the right location? I thought they annexed more land there.

A: You are correct, the sign does need to be moved. Iowa Department of Transportation staff said they would relocate the sign when time allows and thanked the caller for bringing it to their attention.

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