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Q. What happened to Brooks of Bucky and Brooks on K98.5 FM in Waterloo?

A. She left the station early this year and wrote on the radio website that she wanted to take a different career path.

Q. How much money did President Trump donate out of his own pocket to the Florida hurricane like he did Texas?

A. President Trump pledged $1 million in personal funds to a dozen charitable organizations to help with Hurricane Harvey relief. While he made no similar pledge after Hurricane Irma, many of the groups he is donating to, like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army, help victims of both disasters.

Q. Is David Clarke, former sheriff in Milwaukee, joining the Trump administration?

A. David A. Clarke Jr., 61, is reportedly taking a job with a super PAC supporting President Trump. America First Action announced Clarke will serve as a spokesman and senior adviser for the group. America First Action emphasized Clarke's work for the super PAC represents just "one of his new endeavors."

Q. What are the phone numbers to contact the three credit bureaus?

A. Here they are: Equifax, (800) 685-1111; Experian, (888) 397-3742; and Trans Union, (800) 916-8800.

Q. How can I contribute monetarily to (name redacted) who is running for City Council of Waterloo?

A. We don't answer this question in Call the Courier because it is essentially a free advertisement for campaigns, which otherwise have to spend their own money and make the effort to solicit funds. Campaign fundraising is a reportable campaign expense. Most candidates running for office have websites and Facebook pages with information on how to contribute.

Q. Regarding the article about the tax rates in Waterloo and Cedar Falls: Has the value of Cedar Falls homes increased in value over the years?

A. The average assessed value of homes all over the state has increased over time.

Q. Who is Dave Buck, and is he running for a City Council seat?

A. Dave Buck is a former Waterloo City Council member. He is not running for election this year.

Q. What can be done about a neighbor that blows her leaves into the street and then blows them down the street in front of my property? The inspector doesn’t seem to care. Who else can I call?

A. It is not legal in Waterloo to blow leaves or grass into the street. Violations can be reported to Waterloo Code Enforcement at 291-3820.

Questions are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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