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Q: Are there any plans to use the land where the old Devonshire School is being torn down? If they plan to put condos there does it need approval from the neighborhood?

A: Waterloo Community Schools’ officials said there are no plans at this time. The land is zoned R1-RP, or planned one- and two-family residential district, which means any development on the land would need to have a site plan approved through the Waterloo Planning, Programming and Zoning Commission and Waterloo City Council, following public hearings.

Q: In Waverly, what is going in the little building across from the new Kwik Star by Wal-Mart?

A: City staff confirm the property belongs to Robert Denny, but said they don’t know of his plans to develop it.

Q: An article in the Sept. 29 Courier said Wall Street Journal listed the University of Northern Iowa as No. 33. I looked in the Wall Street Journal but it said No. 33 was University of North Carolina, and UNI wasn’t mentioned at all in the Top 500. Who is right?

A: The article did not say that UNI was No. 33. It stated UNI ranked particularly high — No. 33 — in one category, the engagement pillar. UNI officials said the overall score was not specifically listed but “we were in the band from 500-600” out of 1,054. This marks the first time ever UNI has even made the Higher Education College Rankings.

Q: Is actor Chris Noth related to Victor Mature?

A: Lots of people have pointed out the resemblance between the men, but there’s no connection, as far as we can tell.

Q: Hugh Hefner recently died. I know he had four or five children. Can you print the background information on his daughter Christie?

A: Her mother was Mildred Williams, Hefner’s first wife. Now 64, she graduated from Brandeis University and was CEO of Playboy Enterprises for 20 years. Divorced with no children, she established the Hugh M. Hefner First Amendment Award and helped raise $30 million for CORE Chicago, an outpatient facility for AIDS. She also works with the Center for American Progress, a progressive political organization.

Q: Did the actress who played Linda Reagan of “Blue Bloods” voluntarily leave her role or was she fired?

A: According to actress Amy Carlson, she chose to leave after her original contract was up. In a statement she said, “My heart is full of gratitude to each of you for your generous support of me and my character for the last seven years.”

Q: What is the city of Cedar Falls doing to stop non-residents dumping yard waste at the city facility?

A: Mark Ripplinger, director of municipal operations and programs with the city of Cedar Falls, replies: “Signage is in place that indicates the facility is only for use by Cedar Falls residents. Staff periodically checks for compliance when at the facility and if needed part-time staff is added to monitor dumping during high volume months.” For more information, contact the Public Works & Park Division at 273-8629.

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