Q: When will the state be mailing our tax refunds?

A: If you haven’t received yours, check https://tax.iowa.gov/where-my-refund or call (800) 572-3944 to check on it.

Q: Why did NorthCrest Care facility get new carpeting throughout the building when the building is only 3 years old?

A: Jason Bridie, director of marketing for Care Initiatives in West Des Moines, responds: “The carpet squares (or “planks”) apparently had a fraying problem on the edges. We contacted the manufacturer of the carpet to complain of this flaw. Because the carpet was so new the manufacturer agreed to replace it for us.”

Q: Is there going to be a bond issue in Janesville? If so, when will that vote be taken?

A: B.J. Meaney, superintendent of the Janesville Consolidated School District, said officials are looking at setting a referendum for Feb. 6, 2018. At this point, though, there is no recommendation for building improvements or the size of a bond issue. A building committee is currently gathering input so it can formulate a plan.

Q: Why are the contracted mowers for the city of Waterloo allowed to blow grass into the street when other people can’t?

A: They are not allowed to do that. The ordinance applies to all.

Q: How many parties have been booked at the Waterloo Boat House this past year? Did they show a profit?

A: There were 93 scheduled events held at the Waterloo Boat House in fiscal year 2017, while the lower level was also used regularly by the Waterloo Rowing Club, said Kent Shankle, director of the Waterloo Center for the Arts. Rental revenues were $19,350 compared to operating expenses of $11,606 for the year.

Q: Who would I talk to (name, address and phone number) to get something out of the villa of St. Mary’s property at West Parker and Fourth Street?

A: We do not have any contact information for the owner, Henry L.N. Anderson. Property tax bills are mailed to Dr. Simon Mills, 304 W. 115th St., Penthouse B, New York, NY 10026.

Q: Where can I discard old bricks from a chimney?

A: The Black Hawk County Solid Waste Management Commission has a list of local companies that accept construction debris for reuse or recycling. Go to www.wastetrac.org and search “bricks” to easily find the list.

Q: Approximately how many rolls of toilet paper do they go through annually at George Wyth State Park?

A: The park went through approximately 800 rolls of toilet paper this season, from May 15 through Oct. 16. Park Manager Lori Eberhard said about 90 percent has been used correctly while the rest has been used to plug a toilet or strewn around the restroom.

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