Q: How long after the expiration date on a carton of eggs can you still safely eat the eggs?

A: The U.S. Department of Agriculture says for the best quality you should use eggs within three to five weeks of the date you purchase them.

Q: I’m 6 feet, 2 inches and weigh around 200 pounds. Would I be legal at work if I drank a beer before work and then drove my 15 minutes to work?

A: According to Capt. Dave Mohlis of the Waterloo Police Department, “Based on the way this question is worded? That would be a question for your employer.”

Q: Who supposedly did the work on Highway 218 between the Greenhill and Highway 63 exit? The road is awful.

A: Iowa Department of Transportation district spokesperson Pete Hjelmstad responds: “A private construction contractor did the work on this patching project. This project was not designed to resurface the road but involved removing sections of pavement that are deteriorating and replacing them with new concrete to protect our overall investment in the highway. This project is part of the DOT’s strategic approach to address the aging pavement on the primary highway system in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area.”

Q: I tried the location you put in the paper for a list of classes at Cedar Falls High School. I couldn’t get anything. Why do they make this so difficult?

A: Janelle Darst, a spokeswoman for Cedar Falls Community Schools, said the list of classes can be found at cfschools.org/schools/cedar-falls-high-school by clicking on “school counseling” on the left side. Or just go to cfhsschoolcounseling.weebly.com. Find “course information” under the “academic” tab at the top of the page. People are also welcome to email Darst directly at janelle.darst@cfschools.org and she can send the link.

Q: Is it true Janesville Schools is going to send high school students to the different group bond meetings and have them report back to the administration on the meetings?

A: Superintendent B.J. Meaney responded: “We are currently in the informational gathering stages. The building committee has been formed and we are currently interviewing community members, staff, students, business owners and more (for input). While we do not have a defined project at this time, we are getting closer. Regarding the original question, we have surveyed some of our students regarding the current facilities, but we are not sending them to community meetings.”

Q: I recently asked in Call the Courier when the basketball schedules were published for Iowa and Iowa State in the paper. The answer said Oct. 16 and 17, but they were not in then. What are the correct dates the schedules were published?

A: That answer was incorrect, we now know. The Cyclones’ schedule ran Oct. 18. The Hawkeyes’ schedule was omitted and we got it in the Nov. 7 paper. Our apologies.

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