Q. The character Linda Reagan of “Blue Bloods” has died on the show. What was the cause of her death?

A. The character died in a medevac helicopter crash.

Q. When will the new lottery game called Lotto America be released? It is taking the place of Hot Lotto.

A. It's set to start Nov. 15.

Q. Is it legal for young teens or children to Uber by themselves? Is there an age limit?

A. According to Uber terms and conditions, users must be 18 or older to have an account on the app.

Q. Regarding “Enrollment on the rise in Waterloo”: It shows Waterloo had more than 1,000 students missing the first day and Cedar Falls, only half the size, had only 17 missing. Are these figures correct? What’s the explanation?

A. The figures are correct, but it should be noted the beginning of school numbers represent different days. Both the Waterloo and Cedar Falls community schools started classes on the same day. Waterloo officials gave The Courier first-day and Oct. 2 enrollment numbers for the story that appeared Oct. 29. The initial numbers for Cedar Falls, which represent the eighth day of school, were given to The Courier in September for a story at that time. Waterloo Schools did not release an initial count at the beginning of the school year, so no story was written at that time about the district's enrollment. The different days don't fully explain the disparity, though. Waterloo Schools' officials have said student mobility in the district accounts for at least some of its late enrollments. Some students don't yet live in the district when classes first start, according to officials. Another likely factor is instability in the homes of some of the late-enrolling students related to poverty. There are probably a whole range of other factors that contribute to the problem as well.

Q. If I know of a child being bullied at school. Who would be the best person for me to report this to at the school?

A. Contact the principal or another administrator.

Q. Traveling in Europe I noticed the dial tone on the phones sounds different there. Who decides what kind of dial tone a country will use?

A. Evidently, when dial tones began to replace operators in phone systems, they were based on the different frequencies of the different phone systems used.

Q. What are the educational requirements for Catholic priests?

A. They must have at least a bachelor's degree, often with considerable credits in philosophy or religious studies, and then pursue a graduate degree from a Catholic seminary.


We need to correct an answer from the Oct. 16 Courier about baseball box scores. The question was about the two attendance figures listed and what they mean. The correct answer is the first figure is the actual attendance and the second figure, in parentheses, is the number of tickets that were sold for the game.

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