Q: I’m teaching my grandson to drive. What is the current approved method for backing up — using mirrors or turning your head and looking over your shoulder?

A: Here’s what the Iowa DOT driver’s manual says: “Check behind your vehicle before you get in. Children or small objects cannot be seen from the driver’s seat. Place your right arm on the back of the seat and turn around so you can look directly through the rear window. Do not depend on your rear view or side mirrors since you cannot see directly behind your vehicle. Turn the steering wheel the direction you want the rear of the vehicle to go. Back slowly; your vehicle is much harder to steer while you are backing.”

Q: What is an address and phone number for ABC Sports?

A: It’s now officially ESPN on ABC. You can try calling (800) 230-0229 or sending email through the website at abc.go.com.

Q: What happened to the sister of the Sullivan brothers? And what about their nephews?

A: Our recent section on the Sullivan family had information and photos with all of them. After her brothers were killed, Genevieve Sullivan joined the U.S. Navy WAVES, cared for her parents, married and had two sons, Murray Jr. and Thomas, both of Waterloo. She died of cancer in 1975.

Q: What is a current address to write to Michael Jordan?

A: Try writing him in care of Jump Inc., 676 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 293, Chicago, IL 60611.

Q: Can you print the name of the Cedar Falls City Council members that voted for the roundabouts on University Avenue?

A: City Council members who voted for the University Avenue design with roundabouts in February 2015 were: Mark Miller, John Runchey, Jim Stichter, Frank Darrah, Nick Taiber and Dave Weiland. Voting no was Susan deBuhr. Stichter is no longer on the council and Runchey and Taiber will go off at the end of this year. Therefore only three of the six council members who voted for the design will still be in office Jan. 1.

Q: For the Dec. 5 runoff election, will you be able to vote early at the courthouse by absentee ballot?

A: Yes.

Q: In Waterloo, Ward 1, we have the dilapidated eyesore of the Waterloo Greyhound Park. What can or what will the new Waterloo City Council do to address this issue?

A: We do not have a crystal ball to predict what the city will do related to the dog track. Generally speaking, code enforcement decisions are made by the executive branch, or mayor, and city staff, not the City Council. As we have reported, the property is at the heart of a foreclosure action involving the National Cattle Congress and Sac and Fox Tribe of Iowa. Action by the city to interject itself into that dispute could subject taxpayers to costly legal bills.

Q: Tim Smith was just elected to the La Porte City City Council. He is big on public safety. Will he be hiring more law enforcement?

A: The hiring of law enforcement or any city employee is done by the approval of the mayor and city council. One councilman alone does not have the authority to hire.

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