Q: The article in the Oct. 31 paper, “Scare goes to neighborhood,” doesn’t include the address. Was this intentionally done? If not, could you list it now so can check it out next year.

A: The homeowners specifically requested The Courier not publish their street address. We respected their wishes.

Q: Is it ethical for a mayor to encourage others to run for city council?

A: Yes. It is commonplace and absolutely allowed under state ethics laws. Mayors can publicly support council candidates as long as they don’t use city resources to do it. Mayors can contribute to candidate re-election campaigns, speak on their behalf in the community and even appear in campaign ads. In Waterloo, mayors once had slates of City Council candidates that allowed voters to choose the whole slate by checking one box.

Q: In the Board of Supervisors minutes Oct. 10 published Oct. 18, I don’t understand the payroll adjustments for “termination pending.” And why is longevity listed for hourly rate?

A: Internally, the county was listing someone’s termination as pending for necessary adjustments in payroll deductions from a person’s last paycheck. The county can’t make an employee inactive until the last paycheck is issued, so the “pending” status helps in the processing. The issue with longevity appears to be due to the short list of columns available when preparing the summary of actions for payroll adjustments being published. It is not an hourly rate.

Q: I was watching Investigation Discovery on cable and there was a case in Springfield, Mo., from 1992 where three women, one 47, and her daughter and friend went missing. As of 2010 they still didn’t know what happened to them. Has there been a resolution to this case yet? Is the case still open?

A: The case has not been solved. In 1997, Robert Craig Cox, a convicted kidnapper, claimed he knew the women had been murdered and knew where their bodies were buried. Authorities don’t know if Cox was involved or if he’s a liar seeking attention. He remains a person of interest.

Q: How much money or what kind of agreement did the U.S. get with Vladimir Putin for 20 percent of our uranium?

A: Uranium One is a uranium mining company with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In January 2013, Rosatom, a Russian state-owned enterprise, through its subsidiary ARMZ Uranium Holding, purchased the company at a value of $1.3 billion. Uranium One had mines, mills and tracts of land in Wyoming, Utah and other U.S. states equal to about 20 percent of U.S. uranium production capacity.

Q: How can I get rid of gnats in my kitchen?

A: Fruit flies or gnats in the kitchen are usually attracted to ripe or over-ripe fruit or vegetables; they also are common around garbage cans and beer or liquor bottles and can be found in garbage disposals or drains. The folks at Good Housekeeping recommend you do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen — make sure all produce is put away, clean recycling bins and garbage cans of any dried juice or small bits of food.

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