Q: Where in Waterloo can I get rid of an old gas grill?

A: They are accepted at the Black Hawk County landfill for a disposal fee. Many scrap metal recyclers, which are listed in the Yellow Pages, will accept them too.

Q: I found my property stakes. How can I get them to change the lines on the computer?

A: We are not really sure what you mean by “the computer.” We suggest you contact the county recorder’s or assessor’s office with a more specific explanation of what you’re trying to get changed.

Q: How long have we had an interim public works director? How much longer will we have one?

A: Traffic Operations Superintendent Sandie Greco was appointed to serve as interim public works director in April, following the retirement of Public Works Director Mark Rice. Mayor Quentin Hart said he hopes to have the position filled around the July 1 start of the next fiscal year.

Q: I know the rules on street storage says a motor vehicle can’t be parked in the same spot on a public street for more than 72 hours. Does this rule also apply to RVs, boats, etc?

A: The same rules apply in Waterloo. But the ordinance requires vehicles to be moved every 48 hours, not 72 hours, and they must be moved off the block and not just a few feet.

Q: The lot at the southwest corner of Sherman and Esther has been cleared of all the trees. What are they planning to do with this lot?

A: The new owner of the lot simply cleared the volunteer trees and cleaned up the lot for potential future development. There are no additional plans for the lot yet.

Q: Did President Trump ever file his 2016 federal taxes and publish that?

A: President Donald Trump filed for an extension of his 2016 taxes. The president has refused to release his tax returns.

Q: What is the salary of each of the five board members of the Traer Municipal Utilities board?

A: Each board trustee receives $1,000 per year, according to TMU general manager Pat Stief.

Q: I just loved the John Deere ads. Was the young person that said the words “from Waterloo, Iowa” from Waterloo and what is his name?

A: Sorry, we couldn’t find an answer to this question.

Q: Who paid for the ad against the pink locker room at UNI?

A: We are unclear to what you are referring. The pink locker room is at the University of Iowa, not UNI. We know of no “ad” against it. There were stories recently about the first-year University of Minnesota coach getting his first experience bringing his team to Kinnick Stadium and suiting up in the pink locker room.

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