Q: During the upcoming holidays, which days will the Courier not publish a paper?

A: Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Both are on Mondays.

Q: There was a letter to the editor in Sunday’s paper titled “Tax surprise.” It stated there would be self-employment tax placed on farmland rental. Can you check if this is fact or fiction?

A: There was a followup letter Nov. 16 from Iowa Rep. Dean Fischer, which stated that it was true, but that provision has since been removed from the U.S. House version of the bill in the House Ways and Means committee with the America Farm Bureau Federation leading the charge to eliminate it.

Q: Does 97.7 KCRR still have tower problems? I live and work in Butler County and the reception is poor.

A: According to the station, the tower had been struck by lightning but as of Nov. 14, it was back up and running again.

Q: Are Hawkeye Community College students going to build a house at the corner of Ansborough and Devonshire?

A: No.

Q: There was an article in the Nov. 9 paper about a Waterloo student being expelled, but the article didn’t say what the student did wrong or their name. If you aren’t going to print any information, why even put the article in the paper?

A: The Courier can only print the information Waterloo Community Schools or any other school district will provide to the newspaper. The district does not release the names of disciplined students, which is similar to how police treat juvenile cases. The district also declines to release other personal information such as age, grade or gender to maintain the students’ confidentiality. Courier reporters have typically asked for information on the nature of expelled students’ offenses and the dates on which incidents happened, but the district in recent years has refused to provide this. We print these stories because the Waterloo Board of Education is an elected body overseeing public schools. Citizens should know when incidents happen in their taxpayer-supported schools that result in expulsions.

Q: A Sept. 17 article said there are more than 40 languages spoken in the Waterloo schools. What are those languages?

A: Waterloo Community Schools officials provided this list of native languages, in addition to English, spoken by its K-12 students: Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Bosnian, Burmese, Chinese, Creole/pidgin English, Creole/pidgin French, Czech, Danish, Filipino, French, German, Gujarati, Haitian, Hawaiian, Hmong, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Karen languages (Myanmar), Lao, Lingala, Marshallese, Malayala, Austronesian, Marathi, Navajo, Panjabi, Philippine (other), Pohnpeian, Portuguese, Russian, sign language, Shan, Sindhi, Spanish, Serbian, Swahili, Tagalog, Urdu, Vietnamese and Yoruba.

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