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Q: What is the address of The Rose nursing home in Waterloo?

A: It’s at 421 Oak Ave.

Q: When purchasing Girl Scout cookies this year from two different girls we were offered two different types of S’more cookies. They are totally different. Is the Girl Scout Association aware of this?

A: Yes. According to the GSA website, one variety features a crispy graham cookie double dipped in creme icing and finished with a chocolate coating. The other variety is a sandwich cookie — graham cracker cookies are stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow filling.

Q: Is Hawkeye Community College giving any college scholarships out for the new esports program which is starting in the fall?

A: Kathy Flynn, a spokeswoman for the college, said there will be a limited number of partial scholarship opportunities offered through the Hawkeye Foundation.

Q: Is it true there was some destruction done to schools during the recent walkout at schools?

A: News reports following the March 14 walkouts show some students at Antioch High School near Nashville, Tenn., tore down an American flag from a pole at the school and jumped on a police car. Another vandalism incident happened at a Walmart near Simeon Career Academy, a Chicago high school, where students knocked products off shelves, broke packaging and stole small items.

Q: Why would credit unions have higher taxes and interest rates than banks with the new tax law?

A: Iowa banks want the state to raise taxes on credit unions. Bankers say credit unions’ not-for-profit status is an unfair advantage. Credit unions obviously disagree, arguing banks take advantage of other tax breaks. The Iowa Senate’s $1.2 billion tax reform bill includes tax reductions for banks but tax increases for credit unions. Gov. Kim Reynolds’ tax reform bill being considered in the House, doesn’t include the tax increase. Credit unions pay a state tax of 0.5 percent on their legal reserves, while banks pay a 5 percent state franchise tax on profits.

Q: When is the flu season officially over?

A: According to the Centers for Disease Control, “In the United States, flu season occurs in the fall and winter. The peak of flu season has occurred anywhere from late November through March.” However, this month, the CDC says, influenza B does seem to be on the rise.

Q: What is the approximate starting wage in the Cedar Valley for a first-year teacher without a master’s degree?

A: Each school district sets its own salary schedule, which can be found on some of their websites. Here is a sampling of the annual salary for a teacher with a bachelor’s degree and no prior professional teaching experience in some Cedar Valley districts: Cedar Falls Community Schools, $38,520; Waterloo Community Schools, $36,714; and Waverly-Shell Rock Community Schools, $36,645.

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