Q. Why did the city of Waterloo buy a downtown property for $225,000 when it is valued at $31,000?

A. As mentioned in the news article about the purchase of 312 Jefferson St., the City Council agreed to buy the building for $205,000, which was between two appraisals conducted by certified appraisals. The building was assessed by the Black Hawk County Assessor's Office at $31,000 for taxing purposes.

Q. How many houses are still in the Sherwood Park area? And of the homes still there, besides the ones people are living in, how many are available to be renovated?

A. There are approximately 26 homes in the Sherwood Park" area. Twenty-three have either already been purchased by the city of Waterloo or are in the process of being purchased by the city as part of the hazard mitigation grant program, which requires that the structures be demolished and the land maintained as green space. Waterloo City Planner Aric Schroeder is not aware if the remaining three privately owned homes are for sale or available to be renovated. The area is within the floodway, so if a home was substantially damaged in the 2008 flood, federal regulations do not allow it to be renovated.

Q. In northern Black Hawk County is a road called Cedar-Wapsi. Some signs spells it Wapsi and other publications have it Wapsie. What is the correct spelling?

A. According to the Board of Supervisors' action of Sept. 22, 1969, accepting the names assigned to Black Hawk County roads in cooperation with the Metropolitan Planning Commission and the accompanying map showing these officially adopted road names filed in the Auditor's Plat Room, the official Black Hawk County spelling for the road which traverses the county from just west of the Cedar River to just east of the Wapsipinicon River is Cedar-Wapsi Road.

Q. What area code is 931?

A. It is a Tennessee telephone area code for middle Tennessee, a horseshoe-shaped region of 28 counties.

Q. Where can I write Eric Cooper, Libertarian candidate for governor, and Ed Wright, chairman of the Libertarian party?

A. You can write Eric Cooper at 902 Burnett Ave., Ames 50010 and Ed Wright at 1769 Hwy 25, Guthrie Center 50115.

Q. Is Iowa House District 21 candidate Anesa Kajtazovic a Muslim?

A. Here's how Kajtazovic responded in an e-mail: "I consider myself more spiritual rather than religious, so my own faith journey is still evolving. This country is great because people are tolerant and respectful of each other's faith choices. I came from a country where people were killed because of their faith. As a representative of the people I will uphold the value of religious diversity so faith never becomes a divisive issue."



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