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Q: Who were the two gentlemen that did the 12 Days of Christmas for KWWL?

A: According to Chris Hussey, the station marketing director, "The piano player in the '12 Days of KWWL' spot was Travis Turpin (husband of our anchor, Abby). 'Awkward Guy' was J'Kalein Madison (a KWWL employee). And though Travis can play the piano well, we had the music played by Kenei Menning."

Q: What has happened to the "Ice Road Truckers" that were on the History Channel?

A: The latest season wrapped in November. Air dates for a new season haven't been announced yet.

Q: Does Oprah Winfrey have any children?

A: No, she doesn't.

Q: What day does the TV guide come out in the paper?

A: It's in the Friday paper.

Q: Who or what show is number one for daytime?

A: It looks as if "Judge Judy" was the most-watched syndicated daytime show, as of last fall, closely followed by "Family Feud." The top-rated syndicated talk show was "Dr. Phil."

Q: Are Courier carriers required to put the newspaper into a plastic bag when it is raining? I recently canceled my paper because this wasn’t happening.

A: Yes, carriers should be bagging papers on rainy days. If your paper is not being bagged, please contact our customer service center, 291-1444, so we can get the problem fixed.

Q: Since the city of Cedar Falls has cut their firefighter staff below standards and are not following National Fire Protection Standards, is their insurance rating at risk?

A: Cedar Falls Public Safety Director Jeff Olson replies: "Cedar Falls has increased the number of firefighters responding to the fire scenes by cross training police officers and other city employees to the Firefighter 1 state standard. We now have more firefighters on the fire scenes than we have in the past. Your insurance rating is not at risk. The Insurance Service Office recognizes and awards points for cross trained Public Safety Officers."

Q: Where did Kevin Barry from Channel 2/28 news go?

A: He's working now for WEWS in Ohio.

Q: What is the name of the detective on the “Aurora Teagarden Mystery” on the Hallmark Movie and Mystery Channel?

A: Actor Peter Benson plays Detective Arthur Smith.

Q: Can the Cedar Falls City Council pass a city ordinance requiring the Cedar Falls Utilities board to have televised meetings?

A: "No, under the Iowa Code, the Utility Board of Trustees sets its own rules for its meetings," CFU general counsel Susan Abernathy said.

Q: Where does KWWL get its grain prices? We're not getting anywhere near what's being shown on the news and have checked with a local co-op cited as the source.

A: KWWL news director Allison Gibson responds: "When you search markets on both of the local co-op websites, they have the futures markets embedded -- but not the actual price the co-op is offering. That led us to an error in inputting the numbers. That has been resolved, and we do not anticipate any future problems. We are sorry for the confusion."

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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