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Q: I have a book published around 1915 and sold by Waterloo Publishing Co., Waterloo, Iowa. Where was this business located here?

A: The 1914 city directory lists it at 714 Jefferson St., owned by M.L. Bowman and E.K. Morgan.

Q: Is it legal for someone to push rocks from the alley across the street into my yard?

A: There is not a specific law for that. However, it is not legal to take rocks from a public alley. It also is not legal to dump rocks on public property or someone else’s land without permission. Obviously some common sense must prevail. If a snow plow, for example, kicks up a few rocks onto someone’s yard while removing snow, it’s unlikely the plow driver is going to be cited for breaking any laws.

Q: When will the new Love’s truck stop open?

A: It is expected to open later this winter, but company officials don’t have an exact opening date yet due to weather and the nature of construction.

Q: At the Jan. 2 Waterloo City Council meeting Mayor Hart made appointments to various council members to be on committees. Why didn’t Margaret Klein get appointed to any committees?

A: There were only two committees appointed and each has three members. There are seven City Council members, so one person was not going to have an appointment. As reported, Mayor Quentin Hart is hoping to do away with the committee process so all seven council members are fully engaged in each issue that comes before the council.

Q: Are George Hamilton and Natalie Wood still alive? If so, how old are they?

A: Hamilton is now 78 years old. Wood drowned in 1981 at age 43.

Q: What happened at the Weather Channel that they dropped LL Bean for their clothing and now have Lands End?

A: According to Lands End, the company recently signed a deal to become the “official outfitter” of The Weather Channel.

Q: Did Sholom Rubashkin have a brother who burned down his own business in New York? Did he get pardoned too?

A: Moshe Rubuashkin spent time in prison on bank fraud charges and for illegal storage of hazardous waste at a textile mill he owned in Pennsylvania. Shortly before the planned sale of the mill, several fires broke out at the plant; at least one was ruled arson. As far as we can tell, investigators have never found the person responsible.

Q: What happened to KWWL’s Jerry Gallagher?

A: Last fall he announced he was leaving TV news. “After working for 15 years on either a 2-11 p.m. or 2-11 a.m. shift, I was looking for a schedule that was a better fit for my family,” Jerry said, according to the KWWL website.

Q: When the Courier wins awards for their newspaper, what other papers do they compete against?

A: It depends on the contest. In various contests, we compete against the Des Moines Register, Quad-City Times, Cedar Rapids Gazette, Dubuque Telegraph-Herald and Sioux City Journal. In national competitions, we compete against similar-sized papers.

Questions are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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