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Q: In the Jan. 16 paper you printed a “Do Not Call” number. Does this apply to cell phones too?

A: It does, according to the Federal Trade Commission. You must call from the number you want to register.

Q: What is the work being done in Cedar Falls at the Clay Street Park?

A: According to Mark Ripplinger, director of municipal operations and programs with the city of Cedar Falls, “A new park shelter is being constructed. It is being funded and constructed through a partnership with the Cedar Falls Rotary Club, Friends of Clay Street Park, private donors and the city of Cedar Falls.”

Q: When did Cedar Falls Police become Cedar Falls Safety Division?

A: Cedar Falls Public Safety Director Jeff Olson replies: “The city created the Public Safety Department in July 2014 during a citywide reorganization. The Police Division is still called the Police Division. The Public Safety Department was created to combine the administration and some of the job functions of police and fire to provide for more efficiency in the department.”

Q: Since the roundabout at the Greenhill extension is open and the roadway has been poured since about July and cement trucks used it all fall, why isn’t the Greenhill extension open to traffic down to University?

A: Cedar Falls Community Development Director Stephanie Houk Sheetz replies: “The new section of Greenhill from Hudson to University does not have any properties requiring access. Concrete is susceptible to salt damage in its first year. As a result, the city decided to keep this section of road closed until spring to avoid the damage resulting from the salt and brine used in winter maintenance operations. In most cases, the city must open the road to people needing access to their property, so keeping a new road closed for the first winter is rarely done.”

Q: Is it true Cedar Falls Public Safety Director Jeff Olson and Fire Chief John Bostwick have made an operational decision to reduce the number of medical incidents the fire department will be responding to? If so, how would they explain this is an improvement in their services?

A: Olson replies: “Sartori paramedics provide the paramedic ambulance service for Cedar Falls residents. Police and fire respond to some medical calls to assist the paramedics. Police and fire carry (automated external defibrillators) in their vehicle. Years ago the police responded to most medical calls and fire did not respond to any. Fire began responding to medical calls years later and police cut back. Cedar Falls recently reevaluated the type of medical calls that fire responds to as Sartori paramedics did not need assistance on calls such as nosebleeds, stomach pain, minor falls, calls to medical facilities and other less serious calls. Cedar Falls Public Safety staff examined the call types and is following a nearly identical response model that Waterloo Fire responds to when sending a fire truck to a medical call.”

Q: In the Jan. 7 paper there was a whole page of people who volunteer in the Waterloo Schools system. Why won’t Cedar Falls Schools System allow parents to volunteer?

A: Cedar Falls Schools does allow parents to volunteer. If parents are interested, contact Janelle Darst by phone at (319) 553-2426 or email at

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