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Q: If I accidentally drop my car keys in the recycling bin is there a way they could ever be retrieved?

A: It would be like finding a needle in a hay stack if the materials are hauled to the recycling center. If something like that happened you could attempt to call Cedar Valley Recycling at (319) 888-4272 immediately.

Q: Is the “Biggest Loser” coming back on NBC? Also, is “Underground” returning to WGN this season?

A: Both shows have been canceled, although the producers of “Underground” are looking for a new network for the show.

Q: Are Cedar Falls elementary schools reducing the amount of minutes in physical education, music and art next year?

A: Schedules have not been set for next year regarding elementary sections, specialist assignments or overall schedule, said Cedar Falls Community Schools spokeswoman Janelle Darst.

Q: Did an obituary run in the paper for Robert Smiley, who died in the house fire on Madison Street?

A: No obituary has been placed yet.

Q: What was No. 11 in the Courier’s logo contest?

A: The answers will be published Feb. 22.

Q: On Spike channel on Medicacom they say “Cops” will be on the Paramount Network. Where is that channel?

A: Evidently, starting Jan. 18, Spike was renamed the Paramount Network, with lots of new programming. The network’s head, Kevin Kay, said in an interview, “We’re trying to reach men and women 18-49. Spike is very male, sometimes 80 percent. … We don’t want the Spike audience to go away, we want to bring Spike viewers with us.”

Q: They are tearing down the old Iowa Sports Supply store in Cedar Falls. What are their plans for that area?

A: Developers Brent Dahlstrom and Jim Sulentic are planning a residential-commercial development there.

Q: For awhile the Courier was putting our names on our paper at our address, but now it has stopped. Now some nights we don’t get our paper. Will you continue with names?

A: Address labels are typically used for nursing homes/apartment buildings to ensure papers get to the right customer, according to the Courier circulation director. If you are not getting your paper, please contact customer service at (319) 291-1444.

Q: How is it possible for Iowa’s $928 million surplus to now be $130 million short, when all last year and under Branstad all they did was cut back on necessary programs?

A: One reason Iowa is struggling to pay its bills despite a relatively strong economy is the major tax cut enacted in 2013 for commercial buildings and other properties. It cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the budget. Democrats also cite tax breaks that have increased since Republicans came to power and now total around $500 million annually. Republicans focus on another contributor: lower-than-expected state revenue linked to reduced farm commodity prices. Still, program cuts and budget shortfalls have come despite revenue growth every year since the Branstad-Reynolds administration began.

Questions are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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