Q: Steve Bakke writes guest columns for The Courier. Can you print some information on his background?

A: Bakke, a graduate of Lake Mills High School in 1964, and his wife, Lois, grew up in the Sumner area. The two are graduates of Luther College. Bakke hold degrees from Luther in accounting and economics and an MBA from the University of Minnesota. “While coming from a conservative perspective, I try to be well prepared factually, objective in reaching my conclusions and transparent as to my biases and agendas,” he said. “I believe my place in the newspaper world is to provide a reasoned and thoughtful analysis of politics and public policy.”

Q: Can you print the name of the winners of the Thanks GIVEaway drawing held in November?

A: The grand prize winner of ThanksGIVEaway 2017 was Sarah Stine, a reader with the Fremont (Neb.) Tribune newspaper. The other three winners were Alan Steckman, Rita Wilkinson and Barb Ewer.

Q: Is Donald Trump a high school dropout?

A: No. Also, Trump attended Fordham University in the Bronx for two years and then graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor’s degree.

Q: What is the toll-free number to call to be on the “Do No Call” list?

A: Call (888) 382-1222 or sign up at www.donotcall.gov.

Q: I was reading The Courier and it mentioned the name Jennifer Rubin, a writer for the Washington Post. Did she once act in the movie “Nightmare on Elm Street: the Dream Warriors”?

A: No, those are two different women.

Q: Does KWWL’s Eileen Loan lend her voice for the Martin Brothers’ commercial?

A: No, it’s not her, according to Martin Brothers.

Q: Is the Kwik Star on Ansborough by Highway 20 open yet?

A: It’s now open.

Q: TV shows sometimes say “closed captioning and other considerations brought to you by ...” What does “other considerations” mean?

A: It usually means a manufacturer or company provides a direct contribution to the show in exchange for being mentioned. It could be prizes for a game show, for instance, or clothing worn by actors or hotel rooms for talk show guests.

Q: In Cedar Falls is the fire department crew cross-trained as policemen like the policemen are cross-trained to be firefighters?

A: “Yes. There are some firefighters that are cross trained to the reserve police officer level,” Public Safety Director Jeff Olson said.

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