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Q. What is the population of Pasadena, Calif.? Did they have the Rose Bowl parade during World War I and World War II?

A. The city's population is about 139,700. The Tournament of Roses official website lists no parade in 1919, during World War I. In 1942, "The Tournament of Roses celebrates on a smaller scale due to World War II. For security reasons in the wake of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Rose Bowl Game, featuring Duke vs. Oregon State, is played at Duke University in Durham, N.C." It looks as if the next parade didn't take place until 1946, after the end of the war.

Q. How does it work for the Black Hawk’s hockey team players to go to school, practice and travel to all these games?

A. Several Black Hawks players still in high school attend Waterloo West during a five-period morning block each day. Afterwards, they practice with the team on weekday afternoons. Through close coordination with their teachers and counselor Ryan Topliff, the players plan in advance for any class time or assignments missed while traveling to games and often take homework on the road. Since 95 percent of USHL players become NCAA student-athletes, building strong academic habits and time-management strategies is as important to their future success as the hockey skills they develop while they are in Waterloo, according to the Black Hawks.

Q. The Dec. 25 article on school ratings said Cedar Heights and Hansen are not top rated. Whose fault is that? The principals? The teachers? The school board?

A. Nearly all of the measures that make up the rating for those two schools – proficiency, progress on closing the achievement gap, academic growth -- are derived from math and reading results on the Iowa Assessments standardized testing. Other measures are student attendance and staff retention. If you don’t like the ratings results, you’ll have to determine who shares in the blame.

Q. Has the large power outage by MidAmerican on Dec. 26 been identified?

A. If the caller is asking what caused the outage in Denver, it was caused by a downed 69kV line between two substations, according to MidAmerican Energy.

Q. What are the 20-mile signs for on the bike trail?

A. You'll need to be more specific with a location because none of the city, county or state officials we contacted were familiar with this. There are markers on trails that indicate locations for emergency services. There are also wayfinding signs that indicate how far away key destinations are located along the trails.

Q. Can you print the email address and phone number of Margaret Klein of Ward 1 when she obtains the council seat?

A. Klein can be reached at or by calling 429-1907. Emails and phone contacts for all seven Waterloo City Council members can be found on the city's website.

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