Q: Where is the nearest fallout shelter in the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area in case of a nuclear attack?

A: There are no longer designated fallout shelters, said Black Hawk County Emergency Management Agency coordinator Lorie Glover. The Civil Defense program ended in the mid-1970s. Current guidance states fallout shelters do not need to be specially constructed for protecting against fallout. They can be any protected space, provided the walls and roof are thick and dense enough to absorb the radiation given off by fallout particles.

Q: Can you print when the mayor and each City Council member in Cedar Falls will be up for re-election?

A: You’re about three months late. There was a city election this past November. The next one will be in November 2019. Mayor Jim Brown was re-elected to a second two-year term and his position will be up for election at that time. The mayor serves two-year terms, and the seven council members serve four-year terms. They are not all up for election at once. Council members Mark Miller, Daryl Kruse, Frank Darrah and Rob Green were all elected in November to four-year terms and their positions will be up for election in November 2021. In November 2019 the seats of council members Susan deBuhr, Tom Blanford and Dave Wieland will be up for election.

Q: What branch of the federal government is charged with elimination of hacking and safeguarding of the internet?

A: There is no unified cyber police force. Local, county, state, federal and international authorities can all prosecute computer crime depending on the nature of the offense. Local police run child pornography stings, while the FBI and authorities in Europe collaborate on investigations of networks used by criminals to launch hacking, malware and phishing attacks. Jurisdictional issues pose huge problems. It may be impossible for an Iowa law agency to arrest cyber criminals in Russia. Even if they could somehow root them out, establishing jurisdiction can be impossible. When it comes to safeguarding the internet, experts say the best security begins at home.

Q: Why did the Women’s March get coverage in the paper two times and the March for Life only was covered with a picture, which I only knew about because I saw it on Facebook?

A: Unfortunately, the March for Life was on a Friday (Jan. 19) this year, and The Courier does not publish on Saturdays. We tried to make up for it with the picture and article on page A5 the following Monday. We also ran an article on page A5 of Friday’s paper, “New office to protect qualms of ‘conscience,’” that mentioned President Trump’s plans to address the March for Life that day.

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