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Q: What is the number to call about my subscription?

A: Please call the customer service number at (319) 291-1444.

Q: Where are the recycling bins located in Waterloo? Are there any in the Crossroads area?

A: Recycling bins are located on the south side of Crossroads Mall; B & B East, at Bishop and Independence avenues; the northeast corner of West 11th and Black Hawk streets; at Singing Bird Lake near the corner of Ansborough Avenue and Black Hawk Road; and in the Elk’s Club parking lot near the fire station at East Third and Mulberry streets.

Q: How many exact dollars were used from the Community Development Block Grant funds to fund the Grand Crossing complex?

A: The Grand Crossing was awarded $3 million in federal flood recovery money by the Iowa Economic Development Authority, with those CDBG funds applied for and administered by the Waterloo Community Development Board.

Q: Who pays the wages of the USDA manager that is at Tyson’s all the time, the taxpayers or the company?

A: According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture website, the mandatory presence and federal inspection during slaughtering operations is publicly funded. Any grading for quality is a voluntary service funded by the business requesting the service.

Q: There was an article in the paper about some Black Hawks hockey players who were high school students but had gone pro for the Waterloo team. It then said they would likely be players in the NCAA some day. How is it possible for an amateur to play pro and leave that and go back to play in college — an amateur league. Is this allowed by the NCAA?

A: We’re not sure what article you mean. But no Waterloo Black Hawks player is paid or is a professional. There are cases of players in the U.S. Hockey League who have played in Canadian Major Junior Hockey or the Western Hockey League, where players are paid, and have come to play in the USHL. However, in those cases, those players are no longer eligible to play in college, because they have accepted money.

Q: Why doesn’t The Courier print President Trump’s tweets so we get an exact picture of what he’s saying instead of second hand information?

A: We have neither the space nor inclination. The president’s tweets are self-promoting propaganda. We also don’t print Bernie Sanders’ tweets, or Hillary Clinton’s or Elizabeth Warren’s. You can follow any of the above on Twitter if you wish to read every tweet they send.

Q: Why were the headlines of Jan. 10 and 11 practically the same word for word? The diagram also seemed redundant.

A: We assume the caller is referring to the annual crime reports by various public safety departments. The Jan. 10 story was about the Waterloo Police Department, and the Jan. 11 story concerned the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Department. The headlines and the numbers on the corresponding charts reflected that difference.

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