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Q. Regarding Country View: Do counties that send residents to Country View pay the expenses of those residents when they arrive there? If not, why?

A. Residents from other counties would pay only if they are a private pay client. Any person qualified for Medicaid only pays their client participation amount, which is determined by the Iowa Department of Human Services. Other counties do not subsidize operating losses at Country View because it is owned by Black Hawk County.

Q. Why aren’t the intersection lights between Washington and a little past South Street on Fourth Street not working in the area of Sacred Heart Church, Sinnott Insurance, etc. and a little farther west?

A. The street lights in question are burned out. The street lights along West Fourth from Washington to the West Fifth Street intersection belong to the city. LED lamps are on order to change out the three blocks of West Fourth, per the Waterloo Traffic Operations Department.

Q. Did the company that runs the parking meters and ramps for Waterloo have to go to the City Council to put the meters along the east side on Park by the library and by SingleSpeed?

A. The locations noted in the question seem a little off. Meters were reinstalled around the SingleSpeed building itself when the street work was complete, and additional meters were added behind the library on Cedar Street. Republic Parking is not allowed to install parking meters anywhere without city approval. The engineering department laid out the stalls and traffic operations painted them. Republic then installed the meters.

Q. I called the street department on one occasion about a missing street sign at Progress and University, but nothing was done. Why not?

A. Traffic Operations staff said they would check the area. 

Q. This last Monday, garbage collection day, I went to the local recycling bins to drop off my recyclables and noticed a garbage truck that had been picking up garbage was there and backed up to the glass container and dumped the glass into the garbage truck. Isn’t this glass supposed to be recycled?

A. We can't answer this question without more information, most notably what city the recycling center was located in. The city of Waterloo does not collect garbage on Mondays and the 30-yard roll-off containers, which have a compartment for glass, cannot be emptied by a Waterloo garbage truck.

Q. What are Mayor Hart’s plans for preventive maintenance on our Fourth Street bridge?

A. As required by federal law, bridges are inspected biannually. The city has this done by AECOM's certified bridge inspector. Mayor Quentin Hart said city maintenance staff should power wash the entire canopy structure twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. The bridge and canopy decks should be swept twice a year. Touch up painting of the canopy structure should be done periodically. Expansion joints and drains should be cleaned once a year.

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