Q: What are the seven children (septuplets) of Bobbi and Kenny McCaughey from Carlisle doing these days? How old are they now?

A: They all graduated from high school in 2016 and are now 20. Four of them started college at Hannibal-LaGrange University in Missouri, which offered free tuition for all the kids. Two are attending college in Des Moines, and one son joined the U.S. Army.

Q: How does Waterloo City Council justify giving a 4 percent increase in pay to themselves and certain officials when the cost of living only went up 2 percent?

A: The Waterloo City Council did not vote to give themselves 4 percent raises. We think you are confusing the council with the Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors, which voted to approve 4 percent raises for the county government's elected officials. We also reported the justification provided, which was the recommendation of a compensation board that found Black Hawk County's elected officials wages lagged compared to those in other large counties.

Q: What is the annual salary of the manager at Country View?

A: The Country View administrator's current annual salary is $100,530.

Q: Who was James Glaze going after in his editorial Feb. 1? It sounded threatening. Do you know what it was about?

A: He appears to be referring to officials in the FBI and the Justice Department, who some Republicans contend have politicized the Russia investigation.

Q: What kind of background does the man who advertises “My Pillow” have?

A: Mike Lindell grew up in Chaska, Minn., briefly attended the University of Minnesota, started several businesses and battled cocaine addiction while starting MyPillow in 2004, but has been sober since 2009, according to Wikipedia. He is divorced with grown children.

Q: Where did the term skid row come from?

A: It's a variation of "skid road," meaning the greased road along which loggers dragged timber to the mills, originally used in Washington state. The skid roads were places where men gathered to look for work. When jobs dried up during the Depression, the phrase eventually turned into skid row, meaning the place in a town where down-and-out men gathered.

Q: How many children does Judge Judy have? Do any work in the law profession?

A: She has two children and three stepchildren. At least three of them are lawyers.

Q: What did actor Michael Clarke Duncan -- John Coffey of the "Green Mile" -- die of in real life?

A: He died a couple of months after having a heart attack.

Q: Why hasn’t The Courier published the Nunes memo that was released Friday?

A: We don't have the space, so we have published stories describing the contents of the memo and the reaction to its release.

Q: Where is the West Fourth Street exit on U.S. Highway 20 as reported in the caption on the front page Feb. 9?

A: That was in error. The photographer was standing on the West Fourth Street overpass over Highway 20 when he took the picture of the snowy highway.

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