Q: Is there a certain amount of time you’re supposed to wear your wedding band after your husband dies?

A: It’s entirely a matter of preference. Some will continue to wear it indefinitely, others will take it off after a year or so. Some women find it comforting to wear their rings on a chain around their neck, or to pass them along to a younger family member.

Q: In the legal section of the Courier, what are the reason for sheriff sales on residential properties and what is the bidding process on the sale of those properties?

A: According to the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office, sheriff’s sales usually happen when the defendant defaults on their mortgage. This is usually initiated by the attorney for the plaintiff/loan institution. The sheriff’s office receives an opening bid from the loan institution and the public can bid over this amount by attending the sale held in the sheriff’s office lobby on said date and time of sale.

Q: Do Jehovah Witnesses believe in celebrating holidays, such as Christmas?

A: No. They usually don’t celebrate national or religious holidays or birthdays. They do memorialize Jesus Christ’s death, around the time of Easter and Passover.

Q: Where can I get rid of small refrigerators in Waterloo or Cedar Falls?

A: The Black Hawk County Landfill and the Cedar Falls Transfer Station both accept appliances for de-manufacturing for a fee. A number of area metal recycling yards also accept appliances. A list is maintained on the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website. Clean, working appliances under 7 years of age can be donated to the Iowa Heartland Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Q: So the anarchist who assassinated President William McKinley — what happened to him?

A: Things moved fast back then. Leon Czolgosz shot the president Sept. 6, 1901. McKinley died of his wounds Sept. 14, and a grand jury indicted Czolgosz on Sept. 16 on one count of first-degree murder. He was convicted Sept. 24, 1901, after a trial where he refused to speak, and he was killed in the electric chair Oct. 29, 1901.

Q: Several months ago there was an article about the Waterloo Airport getting United Airlines services as a change in airlines. Is this still in the works?

A: You’ve misstated the situation. United and American both submitted applications to the U.S. Department of Transportation to service the Waterloo Regional Airport. The city of Waterloo recommended switching to United. At the time this question was received, the U.S. DOT had not made its decision on which airline it would subsidize.

Q: Does Waterloo have a city ordinance requiring a homeowner to keep up their homes and yards, such as taking care of leaves in the fall?

A: The city of Waterloo has adopted an International Property Maintenance Code that governs the upkeep of homes. There are ordinances that govern what is acceptable in yards, which would cover things like junk cars or appliances. There is not a code requiring residents to rake or remove leaves.

Q. There used to be a program on Channel 28 called “Young Riders.” What happened to this program?

A. It looks as if the station has changed the syndicated reruns it is showing.

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