Q: Can you print the phone numbers of the Waterloo City Council members?

A: Here they are: Sharon Juon, 232-0713; Steven Schmitt, (319) 610-1938; Margaret Klein, (319) 429-1907; Bruce Jacobs, (319) 215-8267; Patrick Morrissey, 232-7315; Jerome Amos Jr., (319) 429-8504; and Chris Shimp, (319) 883-6472.

Q: What happened to reporter Katie Wiedemann of KCRG TV?

A: Late last summer, she left the station to become the director of external relations at Northeast Iowa Community College in Peosta. She said at the time, “This job has been my life for a long time, but I have two little ones now, and they’re my life. ... I want to say thank you to you, the viewers, especially the faithful viewers in Dubuque. Thank you for letting me share your stories, on your best days and your worst. We’ve laughed in your living rooms and cried in your kitchens. That’s a privilege I never took lightly.”

Q: What are the average hottest and coldest days of the year in this area?

A: An answer from state climatologist Harry Hillaker: “Using the historical record from the Waterloo Airport, the coldest day, on average, is Jan. 15 (15.1 degrees) while the warmest day is July 18 (75.6). The warmest day stands out fairly clearly but the coldest does not. Much of the period from Jan. 4 through Feb. 3 averages fairly close to the same value.”

Q: If you receive a letter from your credit card company that they are canceling your card due to lack of use is there any harm in just letting it go and be canceled?

A: According to the consumer lending department at Veridian Credit Union, “Depending on other details of the account and your personal finances, canceling the card could either help protect you from fraud or negatively impact your credit score. If it’s an account that you’ve lost track of or don’t check often, canceling it could help protect you from becoming a victim of fraud without you knowing it. However, up to 30 percent of your credit score is determined by the amount of money you owe compared to the amount of credit available to you. Canceling the card would reduce the amount of credit available to you, which could negatively impact your credit score.”

Q: I appreciate the city of Waterloo’s effort to control the emerald ash borer, but why does the work have to be done on a Sunday morning along Ridgeway Avenue?

A: This work was done Sunday so there would be little impact to the area businesses when considering street closures.

Q: If the Iowa Board of Regents take Steve Wynn’s name off the vision institute in Iowa City will they have to return his $25 million donation?

A: In a statement issued Jan. 31, the University of Iowa said: “University leadership determined retaining the name would be damaging to the institution’s reputation following recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Mr. Wynn. ... The naming was in recognition of the gift, and not a condition of the gift. To date Mr. Wynn has donated $20 million toward his commitment, dramatically increasing the institute’s scope of research.”

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