Q: Not long ago an obituary was published for an Amish woman who worked at one of their Amish stores. Can you print her name, age and the date it was published in The Courier?

A: On Dec. 22, we printed an obituary notice for Clara S. Helmuth, 54, of Delhi.

Q: What is the cleaner to use on electronics, such as TVs and computers, to prevent dust from being attracted to them?

A: There are a number of companies that make sprays for electronics to repel dust — Endust, 3M and Windex are among them. You can check local stores or order them online.

Q: Has any legislation been introduced to outlaw bump stocks on guns since the shooting in Las Vegas?

A: A bi-partisan bill in the House has gone nowhere, with many in Congress, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., calling for a regulatory remedy. President Trump on Feb. 20 ordered the Justice Department to issue regulations banning bump stocks. But under the Obama administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives determined it could not regulate them and any ban would require legislation. Gun control advocates agree a regulatory ban would not survive a court challenge and congressional action is needed.

Q: When does Steve Schmitt’s seat on the council open up for election?

A: The at-large Waterloo City Council seat currently held by Schmitt would be on the next municipal election ballot in November 2019.

Q: What is the number to call Uber in Waterloo?

A: Uber isn’t like a taxi service — you can’t call for a ride. You have to download the Uber app on a smartphone and follow the prompts to request a ride from the nearest driver right when you need one.

Q: What is the process for Waterloo to do away with the mayor/council form of government and go to a city manager?

A: A change in the form of government requires voter approval. Residents could force a vote on a change in the form of government by submitting a petition with signatures equal in number to 25 percent of those who voted in the last regular city election. This happened in Waterloo in 1991, but voters turned down the city manager form of government.

Q: It seems at the city council meetings the council members are always on the phone or texting. Why don’t they ban phones during the meetings?

A: Waterloo City Council members are provided tablets that contain their agenda and documents related to issues they are addressing. This was done to reduce the cost of copying paper documents.

Q: Is the city of Waterloo cutting down ash trees on private property. I saw a city truck cutting down a tree on Maryland Avenue that was not along the street.

A: Waterloo City Forester Todd Derifield said his crews did not remove ash trees from private property. There is an exceptionally large public right-of-way at the Maryland Avenue location that may have made it look like a tree on city property was in a private yard.

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