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Q: Why isn’t Bob Costas reporting on the Olympics this year?

A: Costas, who turned 65 last year, announced last February he was handing over Olympic duties to Mike Tirico. He said in a press briefing, “I’ve done a dozen of them (Olympics), and that seems like a good, round number. It’s always better when they leave the decision to you. It’s better to leave before they start to drop hints, like, ‘Do you think it might be a good idea’ or, ‘Are you getting tired yet’ or, ‘Can we help you up the steps’ or ‘Do you need another cup of Ovaltine, sir?’” He will continue to appear on NBC sports and news programs as well as still be involved with the MLB Network.

Q: In metric numbers, what language is K from?

A: It’s from the Greek word chilioi or khilioi.

Q: What are the wages of the workers of Country View?

A: There are multiple job descriptions at Country View, so there’s a wide range of salaries. Certified nursing assistants, generally at the low-end of the pay scale, earn between $13.77 and $16.76 per hour based on years of service. The administrator, at the top of the pay scale, earns a $100,530 salary in the current fiscal year.

Q: Why don’t they plow the snow from around the recyclable bins at Crossroads Center? Who is responsible for doing this?

A: It’s up to the property owner to clear the snow on the lot. The city’s recycling contractor, when emptying containers, has been asked to move them to an area of the lot that has already been cleared.

Q: How much does the city of Waterloo pay to tow abandoned cars off the streets? Who has the contract?

A: The city doesn’t pay anybody to tow abandoned cars off the street. The Waterloo Police Department and code enforcement have a list of wrecker services that dispatch uses to rotate calls for tows when necessary. The towing companies then get paid from the registered owner if they want their car back.

Q: Could Waterloo contract services from Cedar Falls Utilities instead of using Mediacom? If so, what is the process to schedule a vote to change providers?

A: Mediacom does not have an exclusive franchise to serve Waterloo, so any other provider could come to town to compete. But the city can’t force another provider to serve Waterloo. As a municipal organization, Cedar Falls Utilities is limited to serving customers in Cedar Falls. CFU is not able to provide internet, cable or phone service directly to consumers in other cities, nor can CFU legally fund or build citywide infrastructure for Waterloo. If the citizens of Waterloo voted to build and fund a telecommunications system, there could be opportunities to share resources and cooperate to serve the purposes of both entities.

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