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Q. Is it true some of the commercials on Channel 7 are performed by some of the employees of KWWL?

A. Yes, According to the news director: "KWWL’s current promotion of its Winter Olympics coverage feature two of the station’s employees, in one case practicing their pair skating routine. It’s a nice way to showcase some of the talented folks who work behind the scenes."

Q. In layman's terms what is the NFL's concussion protocol?

A. This is from a recent Indianapolis Star story: Here are the steps in the NFL's Return to Practice Protocol:

Rest and recovery: The first step in his recovery will be rest until his signs and symptoms and neurologic examination, including cognitive and balance tests, return to baseline status. Neurological testing can be introduced at any point during the first three steps in the process.

Light aerobic exercise: This is conducted under the oversight of the team medical staff and can include cardio, stretching and balance training.

Continued aerobic exercise and strength training: These activities may mimic sport-specific activities.

Football-specific activities: These activities are non-contact and can include throwing, catching, running, etc.

Full football activity: Once the player has been cleared by the team physician and neurological consultant, he can participate in practice and games.

If a player exhibits reoccurring signs of the concussion during any point in the process, they return to the prior step.

Q. In Dave Nagle’s column Feb. 5 is the tombstone actually Leonard Cole’s he talks about in the article? The birth date he mentioned in the article says he was born in 1886 is not the date the tombstone shows of 1891. What was his actual birth year?

A. The tombstone is wrong, according to Nagle. Nagle confirmed the birth date from several sources.

Q. A recent obituary said the person had attended Sloane Wallace Junior High. I know the old stadium by Irving School was called Sloane Wallace. Was there also a Sloane Wallace School?

A. There was. According to the Waterloo Community Schools, a new Central School was built in 1871 on Washington Street, between Sixth and Seventh Streets. It was remodeled in 1920 and later became part of Sloane Wallace Junior High. It was razed in the 1950s.

Q. How long does it take for a question to be printed in this column?

A. It depends on how many questions we have waiting to go, as well as how long it takes us to get answers from people we need information from. It can take a matter of weeks.

Q. How many episodes were produced of "M*A*S*H*" for TV? How many were there of Harry Morgan as Col. Potter, and how many of the regular cast are still living?

A. The show had 251 episodes; Harry Morgan was in 180 of them. Most of the main cast members are still alive. Morgan died in 2011, and William Christopher (Father Mulcahey), Larry Linville (Frank Burns), Wayne Rogers (Trapper John) and McLean Stevenson (Henry Blake) have all died as well.

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