Q: Where will traffic speed cameras be located in Waterloo?

A: As we have reported many times, Waterloo does not have plans to install fixed position speed cameras. The city will have three hand-held cameras that will be carried around and operated by police officers. The city will have one speed camera trailer that also can be moved around to various locations. The city is evaluating intersections for fixed cameras to ticket those running red lights.

Q: When is Christmas on Main in Waverly?

A: It’s set for 6 to 8 p.m. Dec. 14 this year.

Q: Is Covenant Medical Center putting up their Christmas star this year?

A: The star will be put up sometime this week, said Adam Amdor, a spokesman for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare.

Q: Why aren’t they letting us walk at Young Arena until after 5 p.m.?

A: Young Arena needed to change the walking hours starting Nov. 27 for construction of the luxury group suites.

Q: Under “Briefly” in the Monday, Nov. 20, paper they talk about the Keystone Pipeline in South Dakota that has a leak. Is this the same pipeline they talked about last summer where the Indians were concerned their water source would be contaminated by this pipeline?

A: Yes. The recent spill was in the same county as part of the Lake Traverse Reservation. The leak is not on Sioux property, but it is adjacent to it.

Q: When is Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota up for re-election?

A: In 2020.

Q: What happened to Justin Roberts who did the weather on the Channel 2 news?

A: He’s now working with WMT Newsradio 600.

Q: We know we aren’t supposed to carry our Social Security card, but then our Medicare card has a Social Security number on it. Will the government ever give us a different Medicare number?

A: Yes, According to the Social Security Administration, “The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently announced it is preparing to issue Medicare cards that will use new unique numbers in place of cardholder SSNs. CMS said it would begin mailing new cards to beneficiaries in April 2018.”

Q: A ride-along consultant recently hit a student on the special ed bus in the Union School District. Nothing has happened to that attendant. What is the district policy on this?

A: Superintendent Travis Fleshner was not aware of an incident where a staff member hit a student. He said Union Community Schools did have an incident where a student with special needs hit a transportation associate while on a bus in October. Fleshner reported there were “no injuries and the associate and student are still riding the bus together with no issues.”

Q: Regarding the different coat giveaways for kids, why don’t they help the children in Dunkerton? They also are Black Hawk County children.

A: You could sure check with organizers and see if they do. If not, we’re sure they would welcome help expanding their efforts.

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