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Q: Regarding the recent tournament in Des Moines with Iowa, Drake, UNI and Iowa State, why didn’t the reporter at the time that covered the UNI vs. Iowa State game also report on the Iowa vs Drake game?

A: There are two reasons the same reporter didn’t staff both games. First, there isn’t enough time between games to do the postgame interviews and write a story without missing half of the second game, and we know you wouldn’t want our reporter to do an uninformed or inaccurate article on the second game. Second, we have sharing arrangements with our sister papers. We provide UNI coverage and the Quad City Times, in this case, provides our Iowa coverage.

Q: What has happened to Cory Ford with KCRR radio?

A: On Dec. 2, Ford posted this on Facebook: “Thank you, Cedar Valley, for supporting and listening to me on the air. Thank you for all of the wonderful memories. My position at KCRR was eliminated. I wish my former coworkers the best and thank them for everything!!! As sad as it is to be forced to walk away from what I have known for so long, it’s an opportunity to finally have the freedom to pursue other dreams. Thank you and see you all at some point!”

Q: What is the simplest way to get rid of bags under your eyes?

A: It’s hard to get rid of them permanently; they’re often inherited. But some suggestions to minimize them: Try an eye cream with retinol in it. Sleep on your back to keep fluid from pooling. Be gentle with makeup remover — don’t tug at that skin. Cut back on salt and alcohol, but drink plenty of water. Place sliced cucumbers or cool wet tea bags on each eye for a few minutes. Eat foods with a lot of vitamin C — it helps skin produce collagen. If you smoke, stop. And for special events — you can try using a little Preparation H — it causes blood vessels to constrict.

Q: Concerning the article in the Dec. 18 Courier on page A5, “Is a blue wave coming?” Can you let us know exactly how many people were polled? It says 60 percent of Iowans disapprove of Trump’s performance. Does that mean 100 percent of Iowans were polled? I was never polled.

A: According to the Des Moines Register: The Iowa Poll, conducted Dec. 3-6 for The Des Moines Register and Mediacom by Selzer & Co. of Des Moines, is based on telephone interviews with 802 Iowans ages 18 or older and has a maximum margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. This means if this survey were repeated using the same questions and the same methodology, 19 times out of 20, the findings would not vary from the true population value by more than plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Q: Did Columbus High School ever have bingo games in the gym for the public? When was that?

A: Columbus Principal Aaron Ferrie replies: “Yes, we did have bingo games for the public. Bingo was held in the cafeteria on Wednesday evenings from approximately 7 to 9:30 p.m. We hosted bingo for about five years in the early 1970s.”

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