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Q: On Friday evening I normally watch “Blue Bloods.” I didn’t see it on this week’s schedule — has it been canceled?

A: No. According to CBS, the “fall finale” aired Dec. 8, but new episodes will resume in 2018.

Q: Who wrote the song “Rock-a-Bye Baby,” and when was it written?

A: The lullaby or folk song dates back to at least the 1700s in England, if not further, and no one knows who first wrote the words.

Q: How many seasons did the show “Monk” run? When did they change the theme song of the show?

A: It ran for eight seasons. In its first season, an instrumental piece was used for the theme; the song “It’s a Jungle Out There” was used starting in season two.

Q: How many of the actors playing the family members in “The Sound of Music” are still alive? And how many of the real Von Trapp family are still alive?

A: Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, who played Maria and Capt. Von Trapp, are alive, as well several of the child actors: Heather Menzies, who was Louisa; Nicholas Hammond, as Friedrich; Duane Chase, as Kurt; Angela Cartwright, as Brigitta; Debbie Turner, as Marta; and Kym Karath, as Gretl. Georg and Maria Von Trapp have both died, as well as all the children he had with his first wife. Still surviving are the three children they went on to have together, Rosemarie, Eleonore and Johannes.

Q: Who owns the firework store in Waterloo?

A: Per our article in June, Matt Reisetter, brothers Justin and Luke Bartlett and John Block formed Crossroads Fireworks, located at 2019 Crossroads Blvd.

Q: I used to work for Black Hawk County and at that time we weren’t allowed to have anything political on our cars, such as bumper stickers, promoting anyone for office. Why are the Black Hawk County Sheriff and seven other deputies allowed to do that and endorse someone for office?

A: Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson and seven other county sheriffs in Iowa publicly endorsed Fred Hubbell for governor. There is no prohibition against elected officials endorsing candidates for office and it is a common practice. Public resources, such as a county-owned vehicle, cannot be used to endorse or support person running for public office.

Q: In the city of Waterloo there were ethics complaints filed by Tom Powers. What is the status of these complaints?

A: Tom Powers did not file an ethics complaint. Bill Kammeyer made one against Powers. The Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office is still reviewing two complaints related to Waterloo City Council members.

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