Q: You answered my question about getting bats out of my house and said to call a local pest control business. But they won’t touch bats.

A: In the 2017-2018 Yellow Pages for Waterloo-Cedar Falls, there are two businesses that say they specialize in bats, and another that says it specializes in wildlife control with a picture of a bat — that’s why we answered it that way. They’re not easy to evict yourself — try going to www.wildlife-removal.com/bat.htm for some good suggestions.

Q: What is the jobless rate for Chicago?

A: This spring, the Chicago metro area posted a 4.2 percent unemployment rate, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Q: Why does it take the Courier two weeks before the City Council minutes are printed in the paper?

A: After the council meeting the minutes are developed and put on the following agenda for the council’s approval. Once the council approves the minutes, they are sent to The Courier for publication. Depending on The Courier’s space and publication dates the minutes are then available to the public. The Iowa Code allows for minutes to be published within 15 days of the meeting being held.

Q: Why isn’t Jim Sullivan, a true blood and only son of the Sullivan brothers, not mentioned more on TV and in the paper?

A: The Courier has interviewed and done stories with Jim Sullivan several times over the years — including, most recently, a group interview with the family that appeared on the front page of a special Sullivan brothers commemorative section in the Nov. 10 Courier. He also attended a Nov. 18 75th anniversary commemoration at the Grout Museum and was in a photo that accompanied a Page 1 Nov. 19 Courier article on that event. He is retired, 76 years old and has let his daughter, Kelly Sullivan, a Cedar Falls elementary school teacher and the official sponsor of the Navy destroyer USS The Sullivans, represent the family at commemorative events.

Q: When will the roundabouts be done on University Avenue, Cedar Heights Drive and Rownd Street?

A: City officials have said the Cedar Heights Drive roundabout is to be open to traffic this winter. It will be fully completed next year. Rownd Street will remain a signalized intersection. It will not have a roundabout.

Q: I do not have a computer. Is there a phone number to call the “Big Bang” series to order sweatshirts and T-shirts from them?

A: You can call the CBS store at (866) 336-9455.

Q: Does David Johnson from UNI still play for the Arizona Cardinals?

A: He does, although he’s out now with a wrist injury.

Q: If Patrick Swayze were still alive, how old would he be?

A: He would have turned 65 in August.

Q: What’s the coach’s name and address for Notre Dame football? Also, what is the song they sing after a victory where they link arms?

A: The head coach is Brian Kelly; write to him at the University of Notre Dame, C113 Joyce Center, Notre Dame, IN 46556. The song is “Alma Mater — Notre Dame, Our Mother.”

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