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Q: I see in the paper Crystal Ice is getting a property tax rebate. How do you apply for these rebates?

A: The city of Waterloo’s economic development policies govern how much a project can receive in property tax rebates based on the increased taxable value of the property. The rebates only apply to the new taxes generated by a construction project. So, if you are building a new home or business that will add to the property tax base, you can inquire about incentives at the Waterloo Planning and Zoning Office.

Q: What is the ordinance for parking boats and utility trailers on a residential street that only has one side designated for parking?

A: In Waterloo, a licensed trailer can be parked on the public street. The traffic ordinance requires licensed vehicles parked on streets to be moved every 48 hours.

Q: At Ridgeway and Kimball there was a place in the back to recycle where the old Ben Franklin Store was. Where does one go now who lives off of Greenhill close to University?

A: The Waterloo Sanitation Department provides four drop-off recycling locations: Carpetland, 1234 Flammang Drive; Fire Station No. 1, 425 E. Third St.; B&B East on the corner of Bishop and Independence avenues; and the northeast corner of West 11th and Black Hawk streets, near the city fueling station.

Q: What is the new business going into the former Hobby Lobby building on University Avenue?

A: The building at 3731 University Ave. will house Get Air, an indoor trampoline park featuring wall-to-wall trampolines, slack line, foam pits and more. The Courier published a feature story about the project Feb. 12. Opening is scheduled around Sept. 8.

Q: The owner of 2138 University Ave. always has cars in his front yard. Is he starting a car lot? Is this area zoned for that?

A: We cannot find any such address. Questions about zoning can be directed to the Waterloo Planning and Zoning Office. It is not legal in Waterloo to park cars on a front yard. You can report violations to Waterloo Code Enforcement for investigation.

Q: Is Gravy’s Diner on University Avenue permanently closed?

A: The restaurant is open.

Q: What is the yearly revenue for the ambulance service that Waterloo Fire Rescue operates? Where does that money go?

A: The city received an average of $1,848,839 annually over the past three years. The revenue is used to pay for the expenses of providing ambulance service, such as staffing and supplies.

Q: Why doesn’t The Courier have their own editorials instead of copying other papers?

A: The majority of the editorials are ours, but we like to share the views of other papers as well.

Q: I see Ancestry DNA advertised on TV. If you don’t have access to a computer is there a way to reach them by phone?

A: The customer support number is listed as (800) 615-6560; you could start with that number.

Q: Does Kelly D’Ambrosio still work at KGAN?

A: Yes, but she’s on maternity leave. She had a baby girl in July.

Questions are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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