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Q. What happened to Jill Wagner on Money Watch on CBS News?

A. She's now working for Cheddar, which describes itself as a "live and on-demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies and services transforming our lives ... broadcast daily from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange."

Q. When they remove concrete in cities, what do they do with it? Is it ground up?

A. There are a variety of options for recycling concrete, which is commonly being crushed into gravel to be used for new construction projects, as a sub-base for new roads or as the dry aggregate for new concrete.

Q. What are the yellow ribbons tied around the trees for on Prospect Boulevard in Waterloo?

A. The ribbons are marking ash trees to be removed this winter by city crews due to the emerald ash borer infestation in Waterloo. The Kingsley Neighborhood Association marked the trees to show the impact the ash removals will have on the neighborhood and to help generate donations for replanting.

Q. When is the re-election for City Council members in Waterloo? Can you print their names and how many years each has served?

A. The next municipal election in Iowa is scheduled for Nov. 7. The last day for Waterloo candidates to file nomination papers in Sept. 21. Incumbent Waterloo council members up for re-election this year are: At-Large Councilman Tom Lind, who is serving in his fourth year; Ward 1 Councilman Tom Powers, who has served since July 2016; Ward 3 Councilman Pat Morrissey, who is serving in his fourth year; and Ward 5 Councilman Ron Welper, who is serving in his 16th year.

Q. There appears to be an old school building at 416 Sullivan St. on the west side of Waterloo. What was the name of that school?

A. The former John G. Whittier Elementary School was renovated into apartments in 2003.

Q. Is there an ordinance forbidding people to work on their cars in their garage and racing the motor until after 11 p.m.?

A. The city of Waterloo has a noise ordinance that is based on decibel levels measured at the property line. There is not an ordinance barring people from working on their cars in their garage.

Q. With all the sinkholes around the country is the city worried about the running water under the railroad viaduct under Highway 63 becoming a sinkhole?

A. Because of extensive monitoring and studies done concerning the ground water situation and the upcoming overpass construction, Iowa Department of Transportation officials do not have sinkhole concerns in this area.

Q. What is the reason for the new state license plate for Iowa? Will it help the state budget?

A. The current plates have been around since 1997, and evidently earlier this year, the governor's office asked for a new look for the plates, which "serve as mini-billboards to promote the state as motorists travel nationwide," according to the Des Moines Register. People who want to get plates early can pay $5; there's no way to predict how many people will do that.

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