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Q: In the April 1 paper is a story about Von Maur is leaving College Square. Can you confirm this is true? Is Von Maur leaving the area?

A: No, it was an editorial error and we apologize. Von Maur is open and staying open at College Square Mall in Cedar Falls.

Q: Was Annabeth Gish's great-grandmother the famous actress Lillian Gish?

A: No, there is no relation.

Q: Where can I write the "Good Morning America" show?

A: Send mail to the show at ABC News, 147 Columbus Ave. 6th floor, New York, NY 10023-6503.

Q: They recently removed a bunch of trees from Miller Park near St. Edward School. Were they ash trees? Were they diseased?

A: They were ash trees infested with the emerald ash borer.

Q: Regarding the article “Bucks seek card set nominations” in the March 27 issue of The Courier in the metro briefs on A6. How do we submit names for this card set? There was no information included in the article on how to do this.

A: Our apologies. Here are those details: Nomination forms can be accessed by visiting the Waterloo Bucks offices during normal business hours or online at Nominations can be e-mailed to the Bucks at or mailed directly to the Bucks offices. Nominations must include a photo of the first responder along with your completed nomination form.

Q: Is it true the city cut one firefighter and will close the fire station on Ansborough and Ridgeway?

A: The budget adopted by the Waterloo City Council reduces the sworn firefighter force by one position. Since there are currently vacant positions, it won't involve a layoff. The fire station at Ansborough Avenue and Dixon Drive is frequently closed already due to a lack of staffing. There are no plans to close it completely.

Q: What percentage of the police and the fire departments personnel in Waterloo live within the city limits of Waterloo?

A: About half of Waterloo Police Department employees live in Waterloo, but Police Chief Dan Trelka noted the 132 employees in his department own about 100 properties in Waterloo, including some rental units. Just over a third of the Waterloo Fire Rescue staff live in Waterloo.

Q: When will they have an election for the new president of the Waterloo Friends of the Library?

A: Elections for Friends of the Library board officers are held during the annual meeting of the corporation on the third Thursday of November.

Q: A medical supply company is planning on building a $20 million facility in Dubuque but is contingent on financial incentives from the state. Is this another one of Governor Reynolds' tax giveaways?

A: Medline Industries Inc. plans to add at least 105 jobs with an $18.4 million expansion investment. The company currently employs 481 people in Dubuque. Medline is seeking state and local incentives, including a $1.5 million package from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The state has offered such incentives for years, long before Reynolds became governor.

Q: When is the Waverly Horse Sale this year?

A: The Spring Waverly Midwest Horse Sale will be held today through April 6.

Calls are taken on a special Courier phone line at 234-3566. Questions are answered by Courier staff and staff at the Waterloo Public Library.


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