Q. Are casino employees who get lung cancer possibly due to their employment from breathing in secondhand smoke likely to succeed in lawsuit against the casino or should they sue the state who exempted the casino from "no smoking" in public places?

A. According to the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, casino employees may take legal action against their employers if they are injured by exposure to secondhand smoke. Chances of success depend on the specifics of the case, the type of casino and the applicable state law. Generally, states cannot be sued without their permission under the constitutional doctrine of sovereign immunity.

Q. Regarding the incident several years ago where a man who worked for the lottery bought a ticket and won -- how did that all turn out? Did he just get lucky and win or is the lottery rigged?

A. We think you're probably referring to the case of Eddie Tipton, 51, of Norwalk. He was director of information security for the Multi-State Lottery Association, a vendor of the Iowa Lottery, and so was prohibited from playing the lottery. He bought a winning ticket in 2010 and enlisted the help of a New York attorney and a Belize trust company to try to claim the $14.3 million prize, according to a Des Moines Register report. Tipton was identified last fall and arrested just this January, charged with fraud for lying to police during the investigation. Lottery officials are adamant the lottery is not rigged.

Q. Regarding the Activate sticker on the paper: What is the cost to activate the subscription online? There was no mention on the sticker

A. Activating your All Access account is free with any subscription to the newspaper.

Q. Who owns the RiverLoop Public Market and Cafe? Does the city give them free rent? Who pays for their loses?

A. The city of Waterloo owns the building, but the business is a private cooperative with shareholders. The city signed a lease with the RiverLoop Public Market Cooperative that requires rent of 10 percent of its annual net profits. The cooperative and its members would be required to absorb losses. Grant funds the city received to renovate the building requires the public market to be in the building for at least five years.

Q. A dog in our neighborhood barks early in the morning on weekends until they let him back in the house. What can be done about that? I don’t know the owners of the dog.

A. In Waterloo, contact animal control officers at 291-4440, option 4.

Q. The B and D section were missing in my Wednesday, April 22 paper. There was supposed to be rhubarb recipes in the D section.

A. If you were missing part of your paper please call the circulation department to report the issue at 291-1444. The recipes were in the D section in Wednesday's paper.


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