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Q: Regarding the medical marijuana program that started in Iowa: Is the spokesperson's last name of Boshart related to the Gazette reporter of the same last name?

A: Reporter Rod Boshart isn't sure but thinks Aaron Boshart with Iowa Cannabis Co. might be the son of the son of a first cousin of his.

Q: At one time they were talking about putting a wind farm between Waterloo and Hudson. Did this deal fall through?

A: No. RPM Access is still in contact with Black Hawk County zoning officials about turning in a request for a special permit.

Q: What is a number to call to have someone help me haul unused items out of my home to the dump? I’m unable to do this myself.

A: The city of Waterloo has a program that allows residents to pay $10 and have 10 large items picked up at curbside. The city does not go into homes to remove items. Call Waterloo Sanitation at 291-4455. Otherwise it sounds like you need to call a private waste hauling company. There are a number listed in the Yellow Pages or through an online search of haulers in the Waterloo area.

Q: Can the city, county or state demand people clean up their trash-filled property or possibly face a large fine?

A: Yes.

Q: Regarding the article March 21 -- "Is Iowa GOP ignoring seniors?" -- How do they justify paying Linda Miller, director of the Iowa Department on Aging, and Ombudsman Cynthia Pederson more than $100,000 a year if they are not doing their jobs? How can we change this?

A: As the editorial stated, Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds and the GOP-controlled Legislature are responsible for refusing to fund programs to help older Iowans. "Iowa’s only hope for getting on track is to send them packing."

Q: How much has it cost taxpayers for the ongoing investigation about the Russian involvement in the 2016 election?

A. Through early December, the investigation by the Justice Department’s special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, has cost American taxpayers almost $7 million. And the cost is likely to go higher. According to the Washington Post: "Lawrence E. Walsh, the prosecutor who investigated Reagan officials in the Iran-contra affair, spent $47.4 million during his eight-year investigation. Former independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr spent more than $52 million investigating President Bill Clinton, and the five independent counsels appointed to look into various Clinton-related matters during the 1990s spent more than $100 million.

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