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Q: Does it take more electricity to leave a microwave plugged in while not in use or does it take more electricity when a TV is left on?

A: It may depend on the model of each, but according to online electricity calculators we found, the TV probably uses more power.

Q: When going to the polls can we just take our ID out without removing our card to protect our numbers for other people to view?

A: If the precinct official can see the required information without removing the card, there is no requirement to remove the ID, according to the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. That information includes the voter’s name, address, date of birth, signature and photo.

Q: Were Ozzie and Harriet Nelson the parents of Ricky Nelson and David Nelson?

A: Yes, they were.

Q: What is the address to write “Jeopardy”?

A: Write to the show in care of Sony Pictures Studio, 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232.

Q: What year did they make the red-legged grasshopper the state insect of Arkansas?

A: They didn’t, as far as we can tell. According to the state tourism website, “The honeybee was adopted as the Arkansas state insect by the General Assembly of 1973. An old-fashioned dome beehive is one of the symbols on the Great Seal of Arkansas.”

Q: On “Little Big Shots” April 1, Kaylee from Ireland sang “Hallelujah” with Pentatonix. Is this the actual name of the song, and who is the artist that sang this song?

A: The song is “Hallelujah,” originally written and recorded by Leonard Cohen. It’s been recorded by many other singers as well.

Q: Is Betty White really from St. Olaf, Iowa?

A: No. White was born in Illinois and went to high school in California. And Rose Nylund, the character she played on “Golden Girls,” wasn’t from Iowa, either — she was from St. Olaf, Minn.

Q: When did the sign “No Weapons or Guns” get posted on the outside of the Isle Casino?

A: Those signs have been posted at all entrances to the building and casino since it opened in 2007. There have been additional signs posted at internal entrances within the past three to five years. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission prohibits possession of any firearm within a state-regulated casino facility.

Q: What channel is NBC-SCH on DirectTV where the Cubs play on?

A: It’s DirecTV channel 665.

Q: On “Antiques Road Show” when discussing valuable documents or pictures from history they appear to thumbtack them to a board. Do they really poke holes in these pictures and documents?

A: They don’t. An answer from the show: “’Antiques Roadshow’ takes great care with the items we appraise on camera,” says Executive Producer Marsha Bemko. ‘What you are seeing are magnets that we use to hold up the documents and photographs for display. No holes poked in the antiques!’”

Q: If I have an idea for a new household product. Are there any area companies that develop and make new products similar to “As Seen on TV” items in stores?

A: We couldn’t find any area companies like that.

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