Workers' rights


WATERLOO -- I am a retired probation/parole officer of 33 1/2 years. It’s been hard for me to witness anti-worker politicians at the Capitol gutting the collective bargaining law that worked well for more than 40 years. The new law takes away working Iowans' voices and tilts the scales drastically in favor of employers and special interests.

While some politicians turned their backs on Iowa workers at the Statehouse, local elected officials have been stepping up to the plate to stand with them by adopting resolutions in support of collective bargaining and the contributions their employees make every day. Of note in eastern Iowa, the Black Hawk, Johnson and Linn County boards of supervisors and the Iowa City and Waterloo city councils have all done their part and made workers feel valued.

This Labor Day, I am calling on the remaining county supervisors, city councils and school boards to do the right thing and adopt a common-sense resolution recognizing you simply cannot provide quality public services when the people providing them are struggling.

University Ave.


WATERLOO -- Many years ago, I think maybe the late 1970s, University Avenue was a four-lane road with no median. Then it was decided to make it a six-lane road with a grassy median. In doing that, many people either lost their homes or had to have them moved to another place. Now, the powers that be want to return it to a four-lane road with a larger median.

To me, that sounds like a bad move. I think it would be far more cost effective to resurface the existing road than to make all those expensive changes that are not really needed. But at least they are not talking about all those awful roundabouts. I think it would be interesting to know what the general public thinks about the subject.

News anchors


CEDAR FALLS -- Next time you listen to the news on any channel, take particular note of the phrases they use. You will hear "without a doubt" and "there is no question." How about "obviously" and "it is clear." Those sly individual "newscasters" are indoctrinating you to their way of thinking. You are not thinking their way, and they want to change that.

On another subject -- the presidency: If the other candidate had won, you would have the same "do nothing" Congress attacking that person from the other side -- think Benghazi. Then you have the psychiatrists who have entered the picture but do not mention they have the same views of at least a half-dozen of our previous serving presidents. Be careful of what they are feeding you. I would rather wait a year to see how he does before tripping him at every turn.

Now they are feeding you information the new tax code will benefit only the wealthy, and it hasn't even been started to be written yet. I believe you need some unity, and as you saw last week, Nancy Pelosi was instrumental in getting a rally killed, which means free speech was squelched again.


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