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Whitewater park

CHARLES CITY — Whitewater facts: We opened up our park in 2011 and would do it again. Wanting to reply to negative comments is hard so I won’t, but will share facts with you. We want upper income, educated people from all over to come to our community. Please! We created a safer river we want you to enjoy, so does the law which allows things to be built like this without worry. We host the Iowa Games and our own Charles City Challenge. We won a 2016 tourism award for bringing in 50 competitors from eight states.

We created much better fishing, educational opportunities and recreation for tubes, paddle boards, kayaks and anything that floats for people to use our park. Our local use was the biggest surprise. Expenses we have incurred since opening — $11,000 on an investment that will last well after we are all gone.

Shame on misleading scare tactics. Hats off to the Cedar Falls City Council on forward and progressive thinking and creating a legacy for years to come. Doing nothing gets nothing, and never be afraid of the truth. I encourage you to all get facts and be informed.

Illegal aliens

CEDAR FALLS — The State of the Union speech in 1995 by President Bill Clinton: “We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws. It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit this kinds of abuse of our immigration law we have seen and we must do more to stop it.”

This was the official Democratic Party policy on immigration in 1995. What happened besides our now having a Republican president? By hiring record numbers of illegals, employers are adding to our unemployment numbers. There should be penalties. Public services are being given to them and are paid for by working citizens, which means it is a burden on taxpayers. And there should be a barring of welfare benefits to illegal aliens.

There is a “pathway to citizenship” and for the dreamers. Do the paperwork; file the application, learn the language. Also, why are we printing ballots, forms, booklets, etc., in any other language than English? Reading English should be one of the requirements.

Children’s march

LA PORTE CITY — This is in response to David Larson’s opinion letter on school walkouts March 21: Contrary to your assertion, Mr. Larson, it is the children who change the world. A very relatable instance can be seen in the children’s march of 1963, in Birmingham, Ala.

The Rev. Martin Luther King was trying to break the most racist city in America’s segregationist ways. He could not get the black adults to stand up against what was going on because they were in fear that their racist white employers would fire them if they did.

Instead, it took the children to make the difference. They marched out of their classrooms and walked to the Fourth Street Baptist Church where they were arrested hundreds at a time.

Day after day more marched and were arrested until the police couldn’t hold anymore. President Kennedy saw this on television and realized this injustice must stop. This was the tipping point that led to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Is our president going to have the guts to change the current policy?

Looks like the kids do! Oh, and I wonder what Andy Taylor, the most well-known police officer who ever served without a gun, would say about all this use for assault rifles?


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