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Support Planned Parenthood


CEDAR FALLS — Much has been said about abortion. Basically, our problem is not abortion, it is unwanted pregnancies. With no unwanted pregnancies, abortion would not be in the picture. Merely prohibiting them will cause more problems than it would solve.

Planned Parenthood has been acting on this premise for years by providing free birth control. The number of unwed mothers has been decreasing, as well as the number of STD cases. Women going there also may receive cancer screening, prenatal care, if this is their choice; all of these give us a healthier population.

We need to support Planned Parenthood for our good as well as for theirs.

New 2nd Amendment


CEDAR FALLS — Here is Amendment II: “The mass murder of children, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Tax bill


DUMONT — Just as I thought it would be, the states will feel the aftermath of this tax bill. The state will be footing the bill for infrastructure for the roads and bridges that have to be replaced. That means we will be taxed by the state to pay for the infrastructure that is going to put a lot of pressure on families — more than they can handle. What is the president thinking? Who is going to pay for it when there is no money coming in? Since Congress passed this bill, let them pay for it.

The tax bill is going to hurt everyone, but not the rich and big companies. So if the people don’t have any money to spend, the companies won’t be selling their goods. Think about the housing market. A $10,000 tax credit won’t help the housing market. It will hurt it because that tax credit will be good for one time only, so they will be paying interest on a house the rest of the load, which they can’t take off their income tax.

Gun violence


CEDAR FALLS — Another mass murder of children and educators and our politicians respond with “thoughts and prayers.” How cynical, disrespectful and uncaring. Mr. Grassley, Ms. Ernst and Mr. Blum, my “thoughts and prayers” for you are that you act to protect children and others from further mass assaults by removing military assault rifles and related ammunition clips from public ownership.

My thoughts and prayers are that you write legislation that will increase mental illness intervention support and require background checks for any gun ownership. My thoughts and prayers for you are that you will show courage by refusing to accept campaign financial support from the NRA. My thoughts and prayers for you are that you not wait to act to limit automatic weapons and ammunition until someone in your family, your community, your schools and churches is murdered. My thoughts and prayers are that you represent your fellow Iowans in an effort to remove the weapons of mass destruction that are being used against us under the erroneous reasoning of protecting the Second Amendment. For our children, grandchildren, police officers, first responders and neighbors, please help protect us. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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