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Gun legislation


WATERLOO — Another heartbreaking gun slaughter followed by the usual prayers and hand wringing. This is an epidemic of death and injury our elected leaders seem unable or unwilling to halt other than a few feeble changes. Not much study is needed for common sense to tell us what could be done. Banning assault weapons and those with large magazines, and requiring prepurchase screening with no loopholes would be a reasonable start. Funding for adequate mental health care would carry many other benefits as well.

Our Founding Fathers who risked everything to change the intolerable status quo, would be appalled at the lack of urgency or courage our present leaders show in facing this deadly national embarrassment. They were intelligent, insightful men who indicated an awareness that constitutions may very well need changes, perhaps every 15-20 years. Over 230 years, circumstances have changed, including the carnage one person and weapon can cause. In 2018, with the exception of military and law enforcement, gun usage is largely a hobby. The agony we are suffering from the “guns everywhere” mentality cries for change. Some restriction and more control only makes sense.

Religion and law


SUMNER — It’s evident the so-called pro-life religionists and lawmakers are forcing their religion into law with their attack on the pro-choice people. There are plenty of Bible verses and Scriptures that are against free choice in the above matters. Rather, the Bible seems to say every woman must be pregnant all the time, you dare not end your own life, you must eat meat and animals have not rights at all. The radical religious extremists have a dislike for vegetarians, animal rights activists and free choice people.

But the same pro-life lawmakers and religionists are pro-death on speed limits and effective enforcement (cameras). They find nothing wrong with big rig trucks going full speed limits on ice or in fog with little or no enforcement on them. There’s nothing in the Bible to say you cannot drive your machine as fast as it will go, so they don’t find anything wrong with the murder, manslaughter and severe injury that comes with it.

Leisure Services


WATERLOO — Thank you, Leisure Services, our citizens and community are thriving because of you. Todd Derifield continues to lead an impressive crew, tackling year four of the emerald ash borer. I have personally paid for tree removal, and the service was nothing compared to the positive experience the city provided working out front of our home.

J.B. Bolger puts care, consideration and direction into golf courses and downtown. Chris Dolan adapts Young Arena, working hard to be progressive within boundaries they face. Mark Gallagher heads up our beautiful SportsPlex, experiencing new growth and additions daily from and for our community. Travis Nichols, although his work can be dirty, keeps our city’s amenities safe and looking good. Let’s not forget Paul Huting, commanding the entire ship and Madonna Welsh keeping them on path. Yes, these are people and jobs, but I have witnessed it’s more than a job to them, it’s a position of service.

Waterloo shines because of their dedication and passion. I’m hopeful our council sees beyond numbers and notices the life they provide to our citizens. Cuts made to Leisure Services will jeopardize our well-being and thriving community. If your well-being matters, encourage your district representative by March.


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