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Drivers needed


WATERLOO — I am the Road To Recovery program manager with the American Cancer Society. I live in Waterloo and oversee this program for all of Iowa and South Dakota. The program relies on volunteer drivers to take cancer patients to and from their treatments. Lack of transportation is often a major problem for cancer patients when either they have no transportation or are too ill to drive. Family and friends may help, but are not always available.

In the Cedar Valley we are seeing an increase of cancer patients needing help with getting to their cancer treatments in Waterloo, and sometimes we get requests to take patients to Cedar Rapids or Iowa City.

Volunteers choose when, where and how often they drive. We need more drivers to help cancer patients in the Cedar Valley area. Rides are needed weekdays, usually between 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Requirements are a valid, current driver’s license, a safe driving record and proof of insurance, as well as completing paperwork and a brief training session. To volunteer for Road To Recovery, contact ACS at 1-800-227-2345 or visit

Marsy’s Law


FAIRBANK — Governor Reynolds recently declared April 8-14 as National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. This is a time to draw attention to Iowans who have been the victim of a crime and help support them in their recovery process.

One way we can stand stronger for victims in Iowa is by passing Marsy’s Law. This is a bill currently before the state Legislature that will add specific rights for victims to Iowa’s constitution. Iowa is only one of 15 states that does not currently have victims’ rights enshrined in our state constitution. These rights include the right to be heard at hearings and proceedings, the right to protection, notice of release of the convicted and the right to restitution.

This is a commonsense addition to our constitution – one that could affect all of us at some point; no one knows when they may become the victim of a crime.

I would like to encourage the Northeast Iowa legislators to pass Marsy’s Law for Iowa.

Gun legislation


LA PORTE CITY — It saddened me to read the March 18 editorial page where three letters attacked our government, our constitution and our rights — something people have fought for (with guns) for 200 years.

I’m also opposed to gun violence. But I am also realistic. You cannot legislate morality. Look at history — prohibition, illegal drugs, abortion. Has a law ever stopped evil? We need to be careful when we listen to propaganda that wants to change a constitution that made this nation great for more than 200 years.

Look at the facts. More lives are killed each day by teenagers texting and driving. Where are the protests and rallies banning cars and phones? Take a look at your history, people; China, Russia, Turkey and Germany have all enacted strict gun registration followed by mass murder of its citizens. History can and will repeat itself.

I am a convicted felon and I do not own or touch guns, but I am not the normal. Every day I read about felons in possession of guns. By the way, the people did speak in the last election. If we lived in Eden I would be all for banning guns, but we don’t. Reality check.


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